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I came across a great little bit of info today. I have for a long time been of the opinion that FLV flavours are are used by many at a % that is very high (well high for my tastes anyhow) . I found a little bit of info on the flv site that may cause some to revisit FLV SFT. I am redoing a few SFT myself after reading.


Good stuff!


Nice find!


1% for the tobaccos, I’m using 3%.
I’ll have to try that out :+1:




Good on ya mate.


That is a fantastic find.


A big thanks to Flavorah and here is the full document from Flavorah.


Feel free to grab a copy of this flv generated doco - I highly recommend not testing at the high end of their scale - start a little lower than their recommended minimum and build it from there if you need to. And dont ever use jammy berry at 1% - .5% is more than ample


Sweet, definitely need some help with a lot of FLV flavors except my favorites, there are others I just don’t get at any percentage. Thanks brother :+1:


I have very few FLV flavors. I never was impressed with them but I was always using waaay too much. This has been very helpful to me. The Marshmallow is pretty good at about 0.25 as an additive. It has a slight caramel or toasted flavor to me.

I mixed up a strawberry recipe the other day and added 0.5 FLV Wild Melons to it. As SNV it was really good. The berries have faded a little but I will see if they rebound later like some do. What impressed me though, was that at that level I wasn’t getting much melon flavor, but it added a more round and ripened taste to the berries. I can’t wait to try this with peach, plum, and mango and see if I get the same effect.


I couldn’t find a more current thread for this, sooo…

I’m finally giving the Macaroon FLV a solo run at 1%, as I could not find a pairing for it, they all came out weird. But…

I know why now.

  1. I never did a proper SFT with it, just went off the smell from the teet.
  2. Even though it has Coconut in there, there’s something that won’t let me pair it with Pineapple, at least not the ones I have. Also, see #1
  3. It is a complete flavour…a One Shot if I ever had one. And, I cant find any reason to toss any other flavor at it, as it can stand up on it’s own two delicious feet!

(Disclaimer: this is only one day steeped, but tastes well aged already. I sound very confident in the light of this short steep, but it is unlikely that this test will grow horns and a tail in a week. Past experience tells me it doesn’t morph around much with age)

It is a fantastic Coconut Macaroon at 1%. I watched a bunch of rl dessert recipe videos on it and this has everything…the Meringue base, the soft center, the hint of Vanilla Extract, the browned exterior, the baked, sweet Coconut, and is, well, very good.

There is no Cinnamon, as I think @Mjag mentioned. Have you tried this one solo? If it has Cinnamon, I cant find it anywhere. I’ll let it steep more and see what develops.

This flavour is also on FLV’s official list of PG-free flavours. Bonus for the PG sensitive folks.


I have to revisit the Macaroon but don’t recal getting any cinnamon. If memory serves me, which is shody at best, it was the coconut which leans more towards FLV Coconut than Sweet Coconut, sweet being my favorite.

I have a lot of FLV flavors I have to revisit now that I know how to work with them better. Biscotti is one of them, love the smell but might have to dillute it as 1 drop too many and it changes too drastically.

Going to try Macaroon again at 1% in an all VG tester. Thanks for the feedback @Plunderdrum and it is great to see you here :+1:


I found it when searching around before posting here. It has been a year or so, so I’d probably have had recall issues, too!

I’m looking forward to what you think as a solo flav… I do add PG to mine, though. I’m at 25/75 pg/vg, I just mostly use PG-free flavours. (Trying to code-switch the word “flavors” to the European version is feeling wrong, so I’m switching back to 'murican from here, we all know the word, whichever way we spell it:)

Good to see you, as well! Friendly bunch over here, mostly!

I only own a handful of the FLV. But, that’s going to change soon. Slowly, but soon. Let me know how your 1% test goes!


Wow, I don’t recall that at all, my mind is mush :laughing: I am gonna say Russian hackers…yeah, that’s the ticket :wink:


I have no idea, let me get more caffeine…ahhhh who am I kidding, that won’t help


That was my second guess!

You are right about the Macaroon masking all other flavors, though. I haven’t found anything above 1 drop in 30 that it doesn’t demand all the other flavors’ lunch money, following up with a massive wedgie for each…

Solo, though
…dig it! Warm and cozy with a cup of tea.


@Mjag, the only thing I can think of, and I haven’t tested extensively by any means, is to add to it what it already has, but maybe needs adjusting…like adding a hint of Sweet Coconut if that is more the color you like. Or, a dose of dairy, or crispiness from another bakery to bolster that instead of the softer, gooeyer thing it has going on.

It totally shunned my feeble attempts at adding any fruit I thought would work. Strawberry, Raspberry and Pineapple were all weird. Weird enough for me to give up before trying any adjustments to lessen the weirdness.


Which brands @Plunderdrum ?? I don’t have an issue with apline and strawberry flv.

Just off the top of my head… try

.06% Alpine
1% Strawberry
.8% Macaroon

Maybe spike it with
.4% lemon

and I find adding cream or milk, eh .4% for either… helps to loosen it up. The higher you go with macaroon, the more “Moorish” or darker it will turn. For help with an edge… try adding just a touch of graham cracker .2% or .2% pastry zest for a slide off the rack style.


RF, NF and MF. I’ll probably give fruits another chance now that I’m getting familiar with the Mac by itself. I’ll definitely be adding those you mentioned to my next order. I need quite a few FLV, and will focus on that on my next runs.

Thanks for the tips, SB!


There’s that laughing clown again…this is really strange. My sense of humor must be really different…