Doug has Questions V2.0hh my. More?

@woftam actually started this on the forum he moderated. Please let me know if this is ok? You’ve already had to start new topics for me. This is simply a place for me to focus on losing focus, nothing more.

With that in mind, to everyone I have tons of questions, cant spell, suck at grammar but if you can read it and understand it then I got the idea out.

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Here goes… the first of OMG… yep… Doug;s back with his damn questions… I’m learning Photoshop again after my version of CS1 died a fiery death when a hard drive crashed… 4 alarm panic attack afterwards.

CC2015-2020. Now it’s suggested I get a pen pad… So, do I need one? I’m not an artist but I like to CAD starships. Then I use photoshop to texture skin them. I also edit photos. Jump in please? @WickedFog @SthrnMixer @SessionDrummer @SmokyBlue

@SmokyBlue I’m ashamed of my mod lmao. It’s been beat to hell and back again. it’s held together with a PC case expansion slot cover plate… The tank is a king cloud beast. They really don’t operate well below 160w. The coils go to 200w and the operating range for the coils is between 160 and 200w.

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I’ll hide and answer here? I imagine the PM room has almost reached its limits? Common in… I’m still just as friggin clueless as ever!!! :rofl:

As far as “do you need a tablet”, only you can answer that one. Watch videos of people creating what you are. Are they using tablets? For what you are doing, a tablet may be overkill. Will you find benefits in using one? Yeah. No matter what you are doing, they are fun. And if you ever liked drawing with pencil and paper, you will love it.


you and me both brother!

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yes, I do draw. it’s where the ship concepts come from in the beginning, then it’s off to CAD to try to recreate the drawing, then back again to do touch ups. I really don’t have a clue though what to get. One minute it’s a brainstorm… then math (geometry for FTL… yes… it’s my pasttime) then redesign…

The computer is the only safe place to store the stuff… I’d have to scan it in, create a jpg and try to import it into photoshop anyway.


Well, just watch for that model to pop up for sale. Any older Wacom “Professional” model will be a good tablet for you to start out on.


So what’s the diff between it and other professional brands? Is it a matter of preference for everyone or do they hold up better\ more photoshop compatable?

how much would a wireless one be… OMG time to get a 2nd job…

If I’m going to spend $90 on a 10 year old model, it had better have the software too!!!

actually its been ass backwards lately. CAD the initial consept, then over to photoshop… I want to get away from that. To many triangles and I wind up with a 400mb initial cad design to start with…

I don’t know about any other brands. When I was looking at getting one, all the artists I followed were using Wacom. So I looked at nothing else.

Also, Wacom has been working with Autodesk and have integrated Fusion 360 functionality into their new tablets. So for me and what I do, I will stick with Wacom.

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I wonder what Lightwave might use? It’s so easy to use though as a CAD program. How easy is Fusion 360 to use? does it support texture skins? Probably but I want to get away from skins. To flat. I love the details (as much as a pain in the ass as they are to relocate).

See, you’re already hitting on the things I do already. You do them in different apps though. Autodesk… Haven’t heard of that in a while. It was a real bitch to use in college but that was 30 years ago… Ugh…

How much have they changed? Is Autodesk more intuitive now? More artistic friendly? I picked Lightwave because it was the go to post production app for Star Trek TNG, Bablon 5, and other Sci-fi shows. IDK if they use it anymore. It may have seen better days…

well, I won’t be upgrading Lightwave anytime soon. 1k!!! omg!!! 1k for the newest Lightwave!!! well, toss that one out the door.

Fusion is more 3d modeling. Watch Lars on YT for anything Fusion 360 related. He does AWESOME tutorials!

But it sounds like you need to look into Blender. It’s extremely powerful, extremely free, and is abosolutely badass. But that is all I can tell you about it as I have only played with it for a few hours. So much to learn. So little time so to speak.


yeah, that’s the issue. Learn a new CAD program and Photoshop, Revisit an old friend and touch up my CAD memory… Ugh… Same here with the “so little time” bit. Lightwave is a crossover. It does 3D CAD, Some photo creations (the new photoshop has CAD designing too but I don’t know if it exports as a CAD file or jpg. I’ll have to look.

I’ll have to look to for the pen pad you have. All the YT free training is done with a Wacom. I thought it would be easier to follow along with one but they don’t teach the pen pad (tablet). Simply photoshop.

Would a high res mouse work? I’m thinking I’d have to use the pen feature in Photoshop but I can do that with the mouse. I assume there is a freehand mode in Photoshop? If not then I’ll use the pen and mouse. Slower but if I have to use the pen tool anyway… I’m still trying to see and learn…

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The actual pen tool in photoshop has many functions. Left clicking does one thing, pressing ctrl does another, etc. You will have to watch vids to learn all it does, but when you do… game changer.

You don’t “need” a tablet. But it will simplify your workflow.

Now let me blow your mind…
Look up 3d mouse :slight_smile:


I do not use photoshop with my tablet… I am strictly laptop. Look for the sales… labor day is coming up.
Do your research, Doug and try to get out to some shops to see if they have any you can play with, before buying. That way you will know how they handle. :slight_smile:

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The only thing around here that will let me try one is lol. This place is rural and no one does cad unless it’s for machine shops.

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so head over to a shop… ask questions and see if they will let you look at what they work with.
Just a thought.

Otherwise… hit youtube up on tutorials and see how others are using one.

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freehand CAD??? NO WAY!!! Btw, I don’t have to pay for an upgrade. Windows reached out or the app did when I ran it last. I now have V15 which is as high as my machine can handle. Lifetime upgrades baby!!! That wasn’t a stupid purchase 25 years ago!!! They honored it!!! OMG!!!

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watching on Youtube is a great idea!!! I’d be the only “shop” that has one lol. I have my own business… Hmmm I wonder if I can write it off??? double hmmm…

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god, 25 years ago I spent over a 1k for it. My then wife had a cow over it too. They offered it as a promo to IT companies. So hard to believe. I still need to upgrade my PC but my idea about that got shot all to hell… Ugh…