Dead mod? Asvape Michael


So my mod decided to do some weird shit and im starting to see this screen too often…

Fresh Battery’s, fully cleaned contacts left to “dry” and it will work for a few puffs then dead, it’s like the battery’s are dead or something but they’re not, any ideas??

@Jose Link to update tool for VO200 -

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I will keep an eye on this. I have the same problem with the VO Tech VIA 240 which uses the same chipset as the Michael.
I have a vid of it in the comments underneath the review I did for the VIA.



Have you updated it at all??



No, I didn’t, there’s nothing on their website about updates. There’s not even a mention they’ve ever sold the VIA.
I’ve basically just written it off.
Got it send over for review and posted the shenanigans under the review so people can see it :woman_shrugging:



My mod shows a menu, charge / update, I’ll grab the url it shows when I get a second

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Found a link to an update for the Asvape Michael although it is advised you dont use it…

My problem seems to be related to the USB port as that menu is shown when you plug the mod in.

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That seems to have worked… Link to update tool for VO200 in 1st post



Also pulled the bottom off the mod and cleaned excess liquid from around the plate connection



When I plug in the usb without batteries in the mod it tells me it shorted and when I plug in the usb with batteries I get the two batteries flickering on the screen and nothing else.
The chip is an upgrade from the one in the Michael, it’s the VO240 so I don’t think the same upgrade would work on it.
It’s a zipfile too and I have a Mac.
Thanks anyway man, I will bookmark this in case my Michael goes south :grinning:

I’m not too bothered since I didn’t pay for it and to be honest I’m a bit scared of the thing now, that’s why I shelved it.
I have plenty decent, working mods so I’ll just write this one off as a loss :poop: :clinking_glasses:



I was wondering about that…

When “weirdness starts happening”, that’s almost always the first thing I want to check for anymore.