Credit card purchase

So I recently went to purchase a tank called Arbiter from Everzon and they shut off card purchases 2 days early and then they had the odassity to ask me to finish the purchase the dam thing wouldn’t accept my 3 digit security code I really wanted to try that tank Ooo I was Pissed.


Have you contacted them?
It might be due to this:


I am stocked up on nicotine 300ml worth hopefully at 1.5mg that will last me until I am nicotine free I am currently at 3mg and have been for several months my body is telling me its time because for the past couple of months 3mg has been making me feel high so I am going to make 30ml bottles at 0.45 & 60ml at 0.90 I believe thats right for 30 & 60 bottle juice recipes at 1.5mg nicotine right?


I did contact only to be told that they won’t be back until the 31st but that shipping will start back up the 29th they had better not get me in trouble and I had better get what I ordered plenty early enough so that something like this wouldn’t happen and this isn’t the first time that they have pulled this holiday crap on me last year I ordered a SMOK TFV 12 Cloud Beast from them and wouldn’t you know it they had another holiday but like a dummy I thought I’d give them 1 more chance mainly because they had the ursa at a price cheaper than everyone else man I hope that they don’t try and dick me by refunding me my money and telling me to go screw myself in so many words because I don’t think it’s going to be a device my local shop orders.


you can see how much you will need for a while here

Ok so you are looking for that tank…

These folks are straight… but oos… you could wait till they restock… they have a few items I am waiting to be restocked too… just a thought…

and then there is this one, it is in stock:

and if you already had bad vibes from a website… don’t go back… find alternatives :slight_smile:

Hope this works out for you @ChocolateChip :smiley:

oooh after looking at the ev site… that is a sweet mod… can see why you really want it :smiley:
Tons of good vibes!!! :smiley: