Coil Master Elfy RTA review by Mjag....Time to get your 22mm mods out!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of the Coil Master Elfy RTA which was sent to me directly from Coil Master.


  • Designed for flavoring taste and cloudy vaping
  • Funnel-shape designed delrin drip tip
  • Air-releasing top fill design
  • Dual adjustable air flow control
  • Parallel post design/ PEEK insulator
  • Gold plated bottom pin
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Single coil deck


  • 22mm in diameter for glass tank
  • 23mm in diameter for deck and top cap
  • 33.5mm in height
  • (not includeing drip tip and 510 contact)
  • Capacity : 2.5ml (more like 2.3ml, 2.5 fits but may leak when you screw the top cap back on)
  • Weight : 46.5g


  • 1x Elfy RTA
  • 1x Extra glass
  • 2x Screwdriver
  • 1x cotton
  • 2x Clapton coil
  • 6x Silicone Rings
  • 1x Hex driver
  • 1x User Manual

Getting to know the Elfy RTA

Pretty simple tank, a lot of times simple is good and that is what they seemed to be going for.

The drip tip is a small little thing, 11mm in diameter and only 8.5mm high not including the part that is inserted. I used it for a few puffs then installed one of my preferred 510 drip tips, I don’t have a pixy mouth.

Deck is simple and has big wick ports which is nice to see.

Small chimney that is angled at the top to aid in better flavor, another nice touch.

It is 22mm but the design elements on the top cap and base stretch it out to 23mm, a little overhang but I did not mind, thought it still looked nice on my 22mm mods.

Build quality is pretty good, not the smoothest threads but I never had a problem getting the tank back together again. The air flow control ring is smooth as butter, no juice flow control but that was never a problem for me unless I overfilled. Large kidney shaped fill ports which made refills a breeze. The grub screws held up nicely over 6 or 7 builds and extras are included. Really the only complaint I would have about the construction of this tank is the tiny drip tip that is included but luckily all my 510 drip tips fit nicely.

Build, wick and performance

Coil Master includes a pair of Clapton coils and that was the first build I tried and enjoyed the results. I definitely feel this tank is better suited to smaller coils and lower watts. With the smaller coils vaping at 25 to 30 watts was an enjoyable vape with good flavor and decent clouds. Not a cloud bro tank but you should not expect that from a small single coil RTA anyway. The flavor from the included coils was good too, not the best but I used it for about a week and was satisfied.

I did try various other builds with good to not so good results, the not so good was a parallel Clapton with 30G dual core and a 38G wrap made of Nichrome. This coil had such a quick ramp up that the Elfy had a hard time keeping up when chain vaping, that coil was swapped out pretty quickly.

One larger build I had success with was a triple core fused clapton with 28G core and 36G wrap in SS316L using a 2.5mm post.

If you chain vape like me I found this wicking technique to work the best. You want to thin out your tails really well and cut the wicks by placing your scissors on the deck.

Here is a better pic so you will see where the bottom of your scissors will sit.

I then trim off a little of the sides so that the portion that goes below the deck is even thinner.

When your wicks are in place they should be about 1 to 2mm that is visible below the deck.

Wicks like a dream for a chain vaper like me this way. Not a single leak except when I went to test the juice capacity with a syringe and filled it a little over the top, then it leaked when I put the top cap back on. Based on that the capacity is really about 2.3 to 2.4, 2.5ml will cause a leak.

Overall it is a pretty tasty vape, not the best single coil flavor tank I have tried but pretty good. The wicking can be a little tricky if your a chain vaper, had to get it just right for my style.

Airflow is on the tight side and a little noisy compared to other single coil tanks.

Great on the go tank

Since it never leaked on me and its small size I found it great when I needed a compact setup to easily fit in my pocket. I had fun digging out my small mods for a nice little stealth setup. I even dug out my Tesla Stealth mod which I haven’t used in a long time but with tank and all is only about 2.5 inches tall…lol

Here is a bunch of other small mods that finally had a partner tank again.

Vaporesso Target Mini

Snow Wolf Mini

Wake Mod co. Littlefoot

When I needed more battery life I dug this combo on the Vaptio N1 Pro

Or the Smoant Battlestar


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to build
  • Good flavor
  • Clean understated looks
  • Big fill holes, makes refilling a breeze
  • Smooth air flow control ring
  • Nice quality grub screws
  • No leaks


  • Can be tricky to wick if you chain vape
  • Drip tip is tiny
  • I would have liked a little more airflow
  • Airflow a little on the noisy side
  • Flavor is just a tad below some of the best single coil RTA’s

Final thoughts

I have been reviewing and buying a lot of single coil RTA’s lately and while the Coil Master Elfy RTA may not be the best it is pretty good. It definitely has a place in my rotation though due to its smaller size, it is was a 24 or 25mm tank then that would probably not be the case. It works great on my mini mods though for a stealth setup, that right there is why I will continue to use it.

I am not going to say it has the best flavor but it is pretty good. It does beat all of the pod systems I have though for flavor and I would rather carry this than those pods everytime.

You can buy directly from Coil Master for $24.99 with free shipping here:

You can also check vapecrawler for a better price: RTA

I did find at fasttech if you use the coupon code MAP the price drops to $17.46 for the SS and $18.22 for the black and it ships for free but your gonna wait awhile, usually 2 weeks or more for US residents. Master Elfy

I want to thank Coil Master for the opportunity to review the Elfy RTA and thank you as well for reading thus far!


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