CASAA Call to Action

Continuing the discussion from Stop Donald Trump from signing the federal flavor ban:

Over 106,000 people signed an online petition to the White House. Less than 10,000 have done the quick and easy Call to Action to the federal lawmakers who actually make the laws and control the FDA. If you want to truly make a difference, take a few moments to fill out this email to your representatives in Congress! (And then SHARE the link!)

And by sending this email, you’ll be automatically added as one of the 255,000 CASAA members. The more registered members we have, the stronger our voice!

Call to Action:


Thanks for posting, emails sent :+1:

The phone call sucked, got disconnected 3 times and another time I was on hold for 30 min and then got a message that they are now closed…funny, I didn’t think the White House ever closed. Finally got through and luckily I was calm by then so I didn’t just yell my ass off.