Calling all members - we need you!

Hey all!..
We hope you are keeping safe and well during these monumentally fucktarded times :crazy_face:

We at VC would like to reach out to you all because we need your help with something that is actually quite important to us (serious face :neutral_face:) …wow that just feels unnatural…anyway, as some of you may or may not remember, this time last year we were actually nominated in the ecigclick vape awards for best forum, arguably the most important vape awards of the year (that you don’t have to pay to get into and isn’t corrupt in the slightest * coughvapouroundcough * ) AND…actually, not only were we nominated, but we actually finished mid table above the likes of ECF etc…that was some fucking achievement for a forum that was less than half the size it is now, and didn’t have a calculator that was nearly what it is today…so, THIS year, we’d really love to do better, and why?..well, it does nothing but good things for forums that’s why, It attracts more members, It spreads the word, It’s practically the best advertising for our humble abode that we could get, and that in turn helps us grow and become a better place for all of us…so there’s that…

I’m afraid it doesn’t stop there either…

I myself may…or may not…have mentioned occasionally that I may…or may not…have won a couple of awards myself, it’s not something I really like to talk about much so you’d be forgiven for not knowing about them ( :smirk:) but…those awards have also pushed me a bit further, it’s not just about bragging rights and being a massive narcissist…it’s a bit to do with that, but it’s also about getting your name out there, getting the attention from better suppliers, getting to review better hardware and generally getting a bit more reach, which…in the coming months as ‘Steampugs’ turns itself into a bonified business, is gonna be really important to us if we’re gonna stand any kind of chance of making it work…so…I’d kinda like to see if I can get nominated again…

yeeeeah…even that’s not all of it…

Our families grown, our team has grown, we have people in our crew now that have helped us in ways we never thought possible, @FlavorChaser selling our one shots to fund the forum, our admin going on @TamVapes Youtube shows to promote the calculator, it all helps us grow, so I’d love us to show that appreciation too by trying to get them nominated in this years awards…

So that’s my pitch, and if you’d all be so kind, we’d love you to nominate in the following categories if you feel comfortable with doing it, you may have other ideas on who you would like to nominate and that is absolutely and understandably about 72% fine with us…so…before you go any further, if you want to nominate, you should know that if you hit this link I am about to give you, you MUST refresh your page when you get there, otherwise your nominations won’t count (don’t ask me why)…so…here’s the link…

Ecigclick Awards 2020 Nomination Stage

And here’s the categories we would be over the moon with if we got nominated…

Best Forum - Vaping Community
Best Facebook Group - Vaping Community
Best Vape Blogger/Writer - Steampugs
Best Youtube Vape Channel/Reviewer International - Ohm Grown Alchemy
Online Store - Best for DIY e-liquid supplies - DIY Flavor Chasers

From all of us involved, we would like to thank you heaps in advance for helping us out, it really and truly means a lot to all of us…
Mostly to me obv…but the rest are pretty totes emosh about the whole thing too… :heart: :heart:


Good luck to us, AND LET US SMASH OUR OPPONENTS INTO THE FUCKING DIRT LIKE THE DOGS THEY FUCKING ARRRRRRE!!!..I mean I wish everyone else good luck too…ahem…sorry…I really don’t know where that comes from :man_shrugging:

THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU TERRIBLY LOADS!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

The Vaping Community Staff


I got your (and the VC’s) back Paul.


There’s no denying we ARE the fkn best!!! Others just need to realize they need to bow to the greatness before them… :grin:


YER DAMN FUCKING RIGHT!!..HURGH!..GRRRRRRRR!!..see…you’re setting me off again, seriously what’s wrong with me…



OMG, Paul has now infected Zippy !!!


Mwahahahahahaaaa :smiling_imp:


It’s just the Fabulousness firing on all 8 cylinders… :wink:


I was already infected but Pugs turned into plague mode… :joy:


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New here but you’ve made me welcome so have gone and voted. Good luck!


Too far…?


Why thank you very much @TheVapingDovah , very much appreciated :sunglasses: :grin: :heart:


Done. Good luck everyone!!!


Legend, thanks man :grin::+1:


Oy! Done and done. Good luck M8s [I backspaced over “ya cunts” because, as an American, “cunts” felt a little like cultural appropriation :dark_sunglasses: I mean “Oy M8s” is tiptoeing on the line, but forgive me, I’ve just been watching _The Boys_ on Netflix and the Butcher character (UK) had some great Father Son advice “…don’t be a cunt”, so I edited that …ya know, so as not to be a cunt. And apologies to all the fine [international] Ladies here on the BEST FORUM IN THE UK, I know you have one, but hate it referred to as such, but “Good luck ya vaginas” just doesn’t have the same …er …ring. Now I’m thinking of piercings and …what were we talking about? A sincere and deep best wishes and good luck to all the vaginas …I’m a fan







You know, that’s probably the best effort I’ve ever seen for an American to use the word Cunt in the correct context, brilliantly done sir.
Proper clever little cunt you ain’t ya :wink:

Thanks Mr Darc, as always, you’re replies are fucking awesome :laughing::laughing::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Cheers @Rocky02852 :laughing::laughing::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand: