Battery advice wanted! (VooPoo Drag X2)

Hello all,

I’m not the most experienced in the vape tech field, but I’ve recently bought a VooPoo Drag X2 that I need to buy a battery for, so could use some advice!

Currently, I prefer a RDL style and I use 50/50 5-10mg vape juice, so I will most likely be using the 0.6Ω coils on about 20W.

I’m looking for a battery that will safely give me the maximum lifespan/mAh, but I’m also concerned that if I were to use the 0.15Ω coils on the devices maximum 80W, that the desired battery for the afformentioned use case might be dangerous.

So in my mind, it’s a throw up between getting the best battery for my use case or finding a suitable battery that could safely handle all usecases for my device. In either situation, what would you reccomend? Or if I’m completely barking up the wrong tree, please let me know why!

Here are some specs that may help:

Output Power: 5 - 80w Adjustable
Output Viltage: 3.2 - 4.2V
Resistance: 0.1 - 3.0Ω
Battery Capacity: 18650

Availible coils:
PnPX 0.6Ω, power range 18-23W
PnPX 0.3Ω, power range 32-40W
PnPX 0.2Ω, power range 40-60W
PnPX 0.15Ω, power range 60-80W

Thanks in advance!


Okey dokey, I don’t think a single person here would disagree with me on opting for Molicel batteries. Well @JoelSq might in order to be as contrarian as possible.

The link I’ve included is for the P28A - This is available in any reliable vape retailer/wholesalers. I only use the P42A myself as I only use 21700 batteries. Although, my batteries have a much higher lifespan when compared to mods - on battery fails during the time it took 19 mods to die it would be 1.

So, A solid workhorse for you.


Thanks for the response,

I was looking at Molicell batteries myself, but I was wondering why you suggest this one in particular. Other than it being reliable, which I would assume be more down to the brand, than the specs?

for instance, would the Molicel M35A (18650/3500mAh/10A) also be a good bet? As I was considering this before given my 0.6Ω 20W usecase, being that it has more mAh and would still (as long as i’ve done the Ohms law correctly) give the amp output i need?

However, the P28A you suggest (if my calculations are correct), would cater for the maximum Amp potential of my device at 0.15Ω 80W. So is that why you suggested?

or is the difference really negligable?



Are you calculating from ignorance in vaping and requesting help, or, from knowledge within a capricious tone?

Would it aid others if I started a Turing test?

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no sorry if that came off wrong, I truely have no idea and just been reading a few articles and wanted to learn in more detail!

Just wanted to understand your reasoning so I could see the bigger picture a bit more, appologies if that came off capricious. I guess I’m a sucker for specifications is all.


Learning is a process - accepting logical advice from another is a start. Then, over time, you can slowly absorb more and more.

Collectively, we have over a millennia of knowledge here. And we all learnt slowly.

So, querying every detail about a battery is akin to an atheist walking into a church and demanding to know how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

As people learn, they accept the knowledge for that moment and, have it built upon. Would you teach quantum tunnelling to a child before photosynthesis when both are related?

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That’s a fair point, again didn’t mean to come across rude, I appreciate your advice! So I shouldn’t consider any other alternatives to the P28A for now then?


If you care for it, it will easily last 3-5 years. Then, as you learn, you will choose the best devices, batteries, RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs, RBAs, AIOs, pods etc which suit you.


Okay fair enough, thank you

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Thanks good. I didn’t want to query you about the King of the Potato People and see whether WOO was needed:

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That’s all I’ve been using lately.


Mooch’s Recommended Batteries tables have been updated : r/electronic_cigarette Reddit - Dive into anything

Mooch is the authority on battery rating. The Molicell’s are the best rated 18650 battery. If you search his other works he will explain why it’s the best for vaping.


I’ll just take the specs as written.

P28A 25A
M35A 3500mAh 10A

When you hit the fire button, every battery has a drop in its standing voltage. All things being equal, the higher amp battery will have less voltage drop.

Mooch our battery god also has a simple rule that says a battery is safest when you do not exceed 3 times his/its Amp value.

So the P28A would be a good battery for up to 75 watts usage, while the M35A up to 30 watts. If you were to use any coils other than the 0.6Ω, your mod won’t blow up but will run out/sag quicker than using a battery with higher amps.

I hope that makes sense. Your choice should depend on your expected uses.


Just to qualify this a little bit

The battery is safest when the wattage does not exceed 3 x its amp value

amp value x 3 = safe wattage

The amp value that mooch gives the battery should not be exceeded for safe vaping.

@Wayneo we know what you mean I just wanted to make absolutely sure the OP does


Thanks. More clarity is always a good thing. You do know I learned english as a second language.


Thanks guys, really appreciate getting more technical detail, puts my mind more at ease knowing the physical limitations!

I’ve gone for the P28A as it should cover all the
Potential uses of my device, avoiding the danger of over doing the 30 watts with the M35A!

Thanks again!


Luckily the others just confirmed my point, though without the satirical air.

Obviously, we are always here to help. We only ask that others are clear in their questions: We get things like ‘what is the best custard?’ or ‘which tobacco do I use?’ both lead to excessive eyerolling. As custard and tobacco testing has been going on long enough to be close to when I had hair. And, as the resident wizard, I can play around with hundreds of tobaccos to make a blend.


I can appreciate that, I suppose I assumed (perhaps wrongly) it was just a cut and dry matter of electrochemistry, rather than something opinionated. For future Improvements in my questioning, how do you think I should have posed it?


Well if it is related to devices, then name the device in question, the problem in question and then listen to all views and query further, if needed.

When it comes to recipes, be specific about what you are working on: Asking ‘what is the best cola?’ Is just a request for all to share every proprietary step around a flavour for free - Many of us don’t include certain things in the recipes we share to ensure that how to make a labour of love can only be done by that person.

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Thanks for the feedback, I thought I had done that, but will try to avoid any future faux pas

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