Advice to a fairly newbie about flavours

I’m fairly new to vaping but have been for the past few months, the main issue I have had is with e-liquids seemingly losing their flavour very quickly, I have seen people talking about after a week or two you may notice the flavour isn’t as strong however I’m talking about the flavour almost completely disappearing in one day even if I change the coils or refill the tank again. I flip between using a Caliburn G2 and a VooPoo drag S and only use nicotine free liquids if this context helps shed any light. Any insight or potential help would be appreciated to help adjust what I’m doing to help solve this. thanks!


Welcome to VC, @FJL :wave: Check this thread…


One thing that can help is sharing a recipe that you have mixed. We can give advice on over flavoring, unbalanced, and under flavored.