What exactly is vaper's tongue and how to avoid it?

Vaper’s tongue does not sound like something that you want to have. And it isn’t. It is a condition often experienced by vapers where they will suddenly feel reduced or completely diminished flavors while vaping. This condition affects a large number of vapers and if you’ve been in the cloud game for over two months, chances are that you have experienced vaper’s tongue at some point.

What causes the vaper’s tongue?

There can be several possible causes of this unfortunate condition.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of vaper’s tongue. Even seasoned vapers often make the mistake of not staying hydrated enough while vaping and may get really dehydrated without even noticing it. To ward off dehydration, you can set a reminder on your watch or phone to drink water at regular intervals. Some vapers have found coconut water to be particularly helpful.

Sticking to the same flavor for too long can also cause a vaper’s tongue. We all have e-liquids that we just love and don’t want to move on from. However, vaping one and the same flavor for a long time is the most common cause of the vaper’s tongue after dehydration.

Thus, if you are starting to notice that you are not actually tasting your e-juice anymore, try giving your favorite flavor a break and experiment with a few others so that your taste buds get some time to reset themselves.

Those who have recently gone from smoking to vaping may also fall victim to the condition. This mostly has to do with the fact that traditional combustible tobacco can damage your taste and smell receptors. Thus, vaper’s tongue seems to be a common condition among dual users: those vapers who continue to smoke.

Certain medications have also been known to cause a loss of taste and smell: Lithium, Penicillamine or Rifampin to name a few.

Apart from physical causes, your mental state may also aggravate the condition. Stress and anxiety have both been shown to cause changes in tastes and smells. It’s not yet clear how exactly these senses are affected but it is generally accepted that anxiety and stress can play an important role in the way you smell and taste your e-liquid.

How to get rid of the vaper’s tongue?
Medical issues aside, there are several simple but effective ways to deal with the vaper’s tongue. These include:

  • Drinking more water
  • Alternating flavors
  • Drinking lemon juice or smelling coffee beans (these are known as effective quick fixes to reset your taste buds and often used by professional food tasters.)
  • Practicing proper dental hygiene (While vaping has not been known to have any specific negative effects on your teeth, it’s still better to take some extra precautions. For instance, rinse your mouth with mouthwash a few times a day to make sure your tongue is as clean as possible.)

Have you ever experienced a vaper’s tongue? Do you have any personalized secret recipes for the condition?


I thought this would be a question not a dissertation. All good… Hot dogs. With mustard, ketchup, and relish. The relish is the important ingredient. I tried ground UPS delivery person with relish but it just didn’t work. Much better with dill which just doesn’t address vaper’s tongue.


I think the technical name for it is “olfactory fatigue” and there are some other things that might work. While I’ve read that you can try scraping your tongue (sounds crazy) the trick that has worked best for me is switching up my e-juice. If I vape the same one too long my tastebuds seem to get too used to it and I stop registering it. As a workaround of sorts I switch what I’m vaping on pretty often. For instance, I might start with something fruity in the morning then move to something sweet later in the day.

Another trick that I’ve found useful is using a mint or menthol juice between other juices. Seems to help reset things.

The most obvious solution might be to vape less… but that’s just not me lol.


I find rubbing lime juice on the tongues helps. Also gargling your mouth with warm salt water helps reduce vapers tongue.


Luckily I don’t experience this very often as I nornally switch up flavours often as well aa tasting 10 single flavours a day, when I do get it I’ve found that smelling freshly ground coffee beans for 5-10 mins works for me everytime, although I do look odd with my head in a jar huffing the beans :joy:


I’d forgotten I hadn’t posted this on the VC, but having tried numerous methods of all manners to try and stave off the vapers tongue, none worked better for me, than baking soda toothpaste. Don’t know why it worked, only that it did. I confirmed this, by switching (ran out of the good stuff) back to a regular colgate or whatever it was, and all of a sudden, vape tasting issues returned. Didn’t realize what was quite what yet, re-ordered my baking soda toothpaste, and the issues ceased. THEN, I knew, what was what.