A Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that we’re heading towards a Socialist shit hole and eventually a lot of people will die and have died. Everyone should be talking openly about this with citizens in your towns/cities/neighbourhoods and inform people even at the fear of being considered crazy, this is life or death for humanity. It takes more than one spark to light a fire and this will be our present and we have the means to at least put up a fight before it is everyone’s future.

Treat this as Gospel, buy Tim Tam, Bag of Jerky or Drum Stick - mention it, let people know or at least plant the seed. We won’t know what will come but we do know what is coming if we don’t do ANYTHING. Please reach out to people, if at the very least you don’t participate in some form of Proactive movements, at least let people know that this would be the time to act. Call your local Politicians everyone from the Municipal to Federal levels, reach out by email, social media, do whatever but at least try and do something.


Here is Bret Weinstein and he openly addresses the things we know has happened with Covid and what’s to come as a response to it.

They created a problem, they got a reaction and now they are giving us a Solution and that is Totalitarian.

Vaping cranberry lemon, on a fused clapton in my Basic V2 RDA with a Squonker.


Not to worry! I’ve been watching Ancient aliens and Expedition X on the God Box. The aliens, bigfoot, werewolves, evil ghosts, shape shifters, and sundry other things will kill the human race far before this comes to fruition. Oh and don’t forget Armageddon! That’s coming up soon too.


You missed the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor - a pesky British cryptid.


There’s also the acceleration of the expansion of the universe to consider. We could be squished into singularity at any moment.


An odd point as that’s reducing the risk of collisions. The only key distinction is Andromeda merging with the Milky Way - Though that’s many Thursdays away.

I think you may be referring to Vacuum Decay or a freed Strangelet event.

Two fun introductions to the area for you:

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Keep in mind that the simple reversal of the magnetic field of Sagittarius A
could allow it to start feeding again and possibly trigger a reversal of local expansion.


Although, it is very well behaved and doing a pretty good job of keeping the Milky Way going.

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Oh yes, the change of polarisation is not that much of an issue and would just be a great moment for physical compass sellers. Polarity reversal is just the side-effect of having highly energetic masses.

The Earth, as far as we know, has a highly magnetic molten core. Stars can also have this to some degree, though blackholes operate within singularities - so we generally guess and run numbers.

That’s your free simplification of utterly baffling issues.

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And that is an opinion of which there are many at present. When relativity and quantum physics meld we will know more. Our knowledge at the moment is limited to the abandonment of physics at the event horizon.


That’s why we use the term ‘singularity’ to reflect the points which are beyond what we know.


Your insightful post really got me thinking! It’s not every day that someone offers a solution as unique and revolutionary as stocking up on Tim Tam, Jerky, or Drum Stick to ward off impending doom. Brilliant!

I’m genuinely considering starting a local Tim Tam appreciation club in my neighborhood, complete with cranberry lemon-scented vaping sessions. I figure if we’re all stocked up on these delicacies, we’ll be so busy enjoying life that the totalitarian takeover won’t even have a chance!

Also, kudos on the Tucker Carlson share. Nothing says “proactive movement” like swapping conspiracy theories over a good vape session. I mean, who knew that the fate of humanity could be determined by the flavor of our e-liquids?

Keep fighting the good fight, and if you ever need a cranberry lemon vape buddy, you know where to find me. We might just save the world, one puff at a time!


No conspiracy theory at all, people are waking up to it and if you don’t see it you will. Look at Germany, look at France, look at Canada, look at Spain, look at Sri Lanka, etc. The UN/WHO want all nations to surrender their Sovereignty so they can dictate how countries should be run, that is no beuno if you know their history. Search for my post on our History with Population Control, it has videos and citations from the UN, UNESCO, Parliaments from around the world and propaganda videos, it’s a documentary series that takes a few hours to get through but are in 30-60 minute segments. Some politicians are raising concerns about surrendering their country to the UN/WHO, petitions and mentions in governments around the world. EU, Canada, US, UK, etc…

You’re from Africa, do you even know Tedros’ history? The guy hid a genocide while he was in charge and he’s not even a doctor, he is also the head of the WHO.

Now as per the covid stuff, follow politics, follow parliament hearings from people getting shunned like: Roberts (aus) Rennick (aus) Bridgen (UK), Germany, Croatia, America, etc… Watch what they are saying in official government buildings if you don’t believe me which I can link.

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Hey JoelSQ,

Thanks for the eye-opening insights into global affairs! It’s like a geopolitical thriller unfolding right before our eyes. However, my main focus usually revolves around WHO’s dramatic takes on vaping – now, that’s a real saga!

While you’re delving into the intricacies of world politics, I’m here decoding WHO’s latest vaping narratives. Their creativity in painting vaping as the ultimate villain deserves an award. Honestly, if only they put this much effort into addressing real global concerns.

Let’s stay informed, one puff at a time! :wind_face::dash:

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Fight the good fight then, because they’re not going to budge regardless… If they want to control the water supply, the land, the energy consumption do you really think they will let vapers have their ice cream sandwich tootle puffers? Vaping is a losing battle without addressing the bigger problems like: Seizure of farms (control of food supply), seizure of institutions (indoctrinating new socialists via UNESCO directives), Losing FInancial freedoms (they want to control what you do with your money), Combatting the Sustainability Propaghanda (VG, Nic or Manufacturing is not sustainable), fighting to get our countries off of the legislation that will sign all of our Sovereignty to the WHO which mean you got to pick one or the other. Tootle Puffers or Bigger Fish?

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Your passion for the fight against overarching control is commendable, and I get where you’re coming from. The struggles you highlighted are not just hypothetical nightmares; they’re stark realities that many of us face. You mentioned farms, and here in South Africa, that hits close to home.

I’ve spent decades fighting battles that hit even closer to home—battles against the seizure of farms that I’ve witnessed firsthand, against indoctrination attempts in our institutions, against the erosion of financial freedoms, and against the sustainability propaganda that can feel like a farce when our basic utilities are in constant turmoil.

In South Africa, we’ve faced issues with land grabs and farm seizures, sometimes at the cost of lives lost and/or taken. The struggles with Eskom have left us in the dark, quite literally, and our once-pristine tap water now sparks debates about its safety.

Each of us picks the battles we engage in, and I’ve spent a considerable part of my life navigating these complex issues here. While I may not be at the forefront of every fight, I choose to make my stand where I believe I can make a difference without putting my life on the line again.

For me, defending the right to vape is a battle I can fight without fearing for my safety. It might seem like a smaller fish, but sometimes, it’s the battles on multiple fronts that create a symphony of change.

Stay strong in your fight, Joel, and let’s continue navigating these turbulent waters.

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Are you allowed to vape indoors at work again? You were all ready to take a stand, so did management cave?

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LOL. I wish. This might be fight I am not going to win but compromises have been made on both sides.

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So that’s a good start :+1:

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Anyway, haven’t we already tested jerky survival?