72mg and 100mg Nicotine in the UK

So instead of hiding this info away in this thread, I thought it would be better and easier for people to find it if I made a new thread in the Mixology/Nicotine Section.

72ml Nicotine is available from NicHub here.

NicHub sell a variety of nicotine types in the usual PG or VG carriers. They sell nicotine in bottles ranging from 100ml up to 2L. If buying a 250ml bottle then this site gives you better value for money than buying a 250ml bottle of 100mg from the site linked below. However if you want 1L, you get more for your money from the site below, not this one. I only did the math for 250ml bottles and 1L so Iā€™m not sure about the other sizes.

The following is copy/pasted from their FAQ describing the different types of nicotine they stock.:

Nicotine Benzoate appears to reduce or neutralise the taste of the nicotine and with a near neutral pH, (around pH 6.5) this results in an easy and soft throat hit. In research, Nicotine Benzoate was shown to have the best properties in taste, reduction of throat irritation and maintenance of nicotine stability making it one of the main and preferred salts for e-liquids. NicSalt-B is our recommended choice for Nicotine Salt!

Nicotine Salicylate is considered one of the more natural of the acid salts as it is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas. Like Nicotine Benzoate the lower pH provides an enhanced and smoother vaping experience. Nicotine Salicylate is slightly more acidic (pH around 4.8). Test panels found Nicotine Salicylate to be smooth and little or no flavour changes were reported and nicotine delivery was reported to be strong, yet without any harsh throat hit. Salicylate can have a slight chemical taste when mixed with weak or non existent flavours.

Nicotine Malate is recommended with fruits as this can give a sour experience, while smooth and delicate tests show that malic acid can reduce coil life.

Nicotine Salts does not oxidise like freebase and will hold its pH level.

  • Freebase Nicotine ā€“ Normal hit
  • NicSalt-M ā€“ Smooth
  • NicSalt- B ā€“ Smooth
  • NicSalt-S ā€“ Ultra Smooth

100mg Nicotine is available from Liquideo here.

Liquideo sell nic in a variety of strengths. 20mg, 36mg, 50mg and 100mg. Bottle sizes range from 100ml up to 1L.

There are plenty of other sites to buy 72mg nicotine from in the UK but the ones I have found are a lot more expensive than these two.