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A place to show off your own personal Vape related YouTube channels or any that you think might be of interest to the community…Show us what you got :grin: :heart: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :dash: :dash: :dash:

Also check out:

Copious amounts of professional information on all things e-liquid mixing.
Join @woftam @TamVapes @FlavorChaser @Sheerluck_Ohms
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The VC Forum Show may well be back on the back burner (for now) But there’s still plenty of shows featuring people from the forum, so please feel free to post links to the shows you watch/host/panel

You can find me this Friday night on Ohmslaw @ 10pm UK on Geordie Vapers channel :point_down:

And every Saturday night from 8pm UK on Savage Simons Saturday Show here :point_down:

Always plenty of banter, lots of beers, and more than enough me making a complete cock of myself :beers: :beers: :beers: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :partying_face: :disguised_face: :nerd_face:

Come check us out :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


Subbed and bookmarked both of those. I’ll check 'em out when they are live, assuming I remember :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Pugs


Same, thanks Paul. :slight_smile:



WELL…Seeing as YouTube shows is pretty much all I do these days I think it’s about time we resurrected this thread what do you reckon??


We have a new show going on the old tube, a Friday night slot on John ‘Proper Coils’ Devlin’s channel, you’ll see some familiar faces on there I’m damn sure, and tonight we have a very special guest on indeed, arguably one of the greatest coil builders to ever grace this earth, Mr Nick Devine himself, so…show starts at 10.30pm UK GMT, so hit this link and jump in :point_down:

The Proper Live Show with Nick Devine

And then as per fucking usual…we have the best vaping panel show on YouTube, The Saturday Show Live - TOMORROW night at the usual time of 8.30pm UK GMT, NEW CHANNEL…so we’re still trying to claw back some of those subs that we lost in the move, so give us a follow you beautiful people, and hit those reminders by smashing this link :point_down:

The Saturday Show - Live

Thankings…LOVE you all immensely


The Saturday Show - Live, with Matt Culley :point_left:

Culley Lingus or Sucking

This weeks show brings you Mr Matt Culley @mattfromsmm into the hot seat for some oral interrogation 👀

Our giveaway this week is 6x 50ml of Wick Liquor x 2 on our picture caption segment. So get your creative juices flowing for this one 👀👀

We will see what Matt wants to shaft into Room 101 or will Lord Blumpkin keep a tight grip around his bits 😜

Get thinking on what you would want to add to our Legion Dairy Playlist Vol 1 this week so we can increase its size😛

Your Saturday Foreplay begins at 8:30pm, this Saturday, YouTube channel The Saturday Show Live !


Join us on The Proper Show Live Ep 5 where we get down and dirty with the Grimmest of Guests, for a couple of hours of shooting the shit with one of the biggest names in the industry Grimm Green

Hit this link :point_down:

And jump in at 10pm UK :sunglasses:


Your Show, Who’s Rules???’

Mike is not with us this week so, we are having an open Mic night and we want you to join us and entertain us.

However!, if we find you to be not entertaining, then Simons Buzzer is Back and it takes no prisoners :eyes:.

He will happily boot you out, opening up the chair for the next person so if you are coming on, get your ‘A’ game going on.

Simon has also warned the regular panel members that they are not above the law so this could make for a very entertaining evening :laughing:

Two prizes are up for grabs in the form of 3 bottles of Vaperbay eliquids, plus a mod pouch and 3 sets of Proper Coils in our picture caption comp.

Legion Dairy Playlist Vol1 is going for a spin this week with the addition of a genre wheel to choose what suggestions can be made and added.

So, join us this Saturday literally!. Come entertain us, and see if you can beat the buzzer! 8:30pm, The Saturday Show Live, YouTube

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