You don't know Nicotine, interview with Aaron Biebert


It is FB but you can watch it without an account.


Thanks for posting this. 41 known beneficial effects involving brain chemistry and function alone. Once again I’ll go out on a limb and postulate that there are many more yet to be recognized…that is… if we don’t destroy the world with our “intelligence” first.

Also interesting that they are finding that nicotine in itself is not nearly as addictive as believed.


Thanks for posting this @Jose, I for one find it encouraging that there are people who “get it”, and are going to some lengths to educate others that nicotine is not the cause of cancer and other diseases, it is the combustion of plant material, and the additives, that do that.
As an older person, it is also encouraging to me that researchers are finding benefits relating to Alzheimers et al to be found in nicotine itself.


Yeah, my aunt is very demented, she will tell her kids; ‘it is nice you came, do give my love to your mom and dad.’
My father is alive and kicking again and she wants to go home to her mom.
The horror :scream:


All the more reason that the research must continue.
We need help for those affected.


Schizophrenics are known to smoke a lot more, nicotine might actually help them


Yep, it’s quite a useful substance which is why there is now a War on Nicotine.
There’s a shitload of money to be made from all them diseases that they can’t cure.
The pill business is huge, you can’t have something simple like nicotine spoil all that nice profit.
We are governed by greed, that’s why we’re going down the drain.


You know something… if the dangers of tobacco smoking were known in the 1780’s, I promise you George Washington would have banned it. Even though it was a big money making crop for the new country, the Founding Fathers truly cared about this nation and its’ people, and would have acted responsibly. I know this is way of a stretch, but it is a true shame that there was a time, hundreds of years ago, that the government actually cared. I am fairly confident your government would have acted appropriately a few hundred years ago too. It is a shame to see public health, safety, and well being constantly trampled on by the greed of those who are in power. Everywhere…


And the ones they literally made up. The man that came up with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity) admitted on his death bed that it was a fabrication. Yet it seems they prescribed Adderall (I.E. CRYSTAL METH) for multitudes of kids here in the US and I suspect it is the same elsewhere. If you read a course syllabus for biological neuroscience aka psycho biology from any American university they begin with statements that they know very little to nothing about brain chemistry. Of course its not an elective subject and they screen and must approve anyone taking these courses. Gotta protect the profits… and make sure the kids set still for their brainwashing’s.


I’m saddened and no longer surprised by these ridiculous drug commercials constantly being foisted upon me when I am trying to watch a show, or a race. 15 seconds are spent on the drug’s supposed benefits, and the remaining 90 seconds are spent on warnings and side-effects. And the actors’ who portray individuals who have been set free by the latest wonder drug are complicit; I don’t care that they are simply ‘trying to make a living by acting’. One minute, rubbing a limb in pure agony watching rain pelt the window, sepia toned dreariness and the undeniable fog of death settling upon them, the next minute frolicking with grandchildren in a sunny field with rainbows and star-farting unicorns. Fuck that, and fuck Big Pharma.

This is another reason DVR’s exist.


I have not watched or owned a TV for more than 20 years. Before that I seldom turned it on. I do have Netflix but rarely ever view anything though I am on the internet a lot…probably too much. To each their own but the bullshit you referenced is precisely the reason why I want nothing to do with any of it.

They can no more isolate or define all these supposed chemical “imbalances” than they can cure them. All these damned drugs can do is deaden peoples senses. I do think that in rare cases this can be beneficial but also believe that even then those drugs should be used for very short terms.

I also believe that its past due that people realize that doctors in our day and age are little more than bus drivers parroting and abiding by the dictates of the insurance companies and pharma. Even the ones capable and willing to 'heal" have their hands tied.


I have my story, as so many do, about this. Too long and out of scope for this thread but you are so right.

Sadly (again with the sad), people are such sheep that many of them want it. My wife’s shameful parents are on a multitude of pills daily. Some are intended to treat whatever fake illness they think they have, and the rest of the supporting cast of bottled wonders are there to offset side effects brought on by the pills they don’t need that treat a condition they don’t have. And they absolutely love it. Their church groups give them sympathy. You and I are paying for their full time disability (that they do not have). They get all sort of charity, sympathy, kid-glove treatment, and they are all too happy to be treated like children. We do not speak to them anymore. They are literally in poorer health than they were before they started pumping themselves full of all this magic bullshit.

Unfortunately, that is a pattern repeated time and again in this pathetic society.


BTW, you can back this documentary, he was asking people for a dollar, more’s always welcome.
The more backers there are the wider this thing is gonna go.


A worthwhile cause if I ever saw one. Sorry for going pretty much off the rails above.


Yeah, I got carried away too. I usually get a bit long-winded when I begin to rant against BP.

Go Aaron!!!


With the assistance of guberment, corporate entities have decimated the health care industry. Very soon all health care will be owned and controlled by the corporation. Insurance providers have simply become the third leg of the complex. The game is over.


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