Wotofo Troll X RTA Review by SessionDrummer

A huge thanks out to @HealthCabin for contacting me and sending this unit out for review. As always, you’ll know what I think, hero or zero.

Wotofo has made some PRETTY big claims, …

" THE TROLL X RTA Crank Up Your Flavor By Ten Times!".

We’ll just see about that.


  • Height: 36mm (without drip tip & 510 pin)
  • Deck Diameter: 24mm
  • Drip Tip: 810 resin drip tip
  • E-liquid Capacity:
  • 3.0ml straight PCTG tube for Standard Edition
  • 2.0ml straight PCTG tube for TPD/UK Edition
  • 4.4ml bubble glass tube included
  • Filling Method: Top filling
  • Airflow Type: Bottom airflow
  • Coil Type: Wire Coil
  • Coil Type: Single/Dual Coil
  • Insulator Material: German PEEK
  • Threading: 510 thread

What’s Included:

  • 2pcs Framed Staple Clapton (0.33Ω Ni80)
  • 2pcs 3mm Thick Cotton Strip
  • 2pcs Airflow Insert (1 pre-installed)
  • 1pc 4.4ml Bubble Glass Tube
  • 1pc Coil Trimming Tool
  • 1pc Cross Head Screwdriver
  • 1pc Accessory Bag
  • 1pc User Manual

Out of the gate, with the typical Wotofo packing…

It looked a little sparse, until you opened it and found all of the extras they included. See that little surprise in the o-ring bag ?

Let’s take a look at what’s what here …

Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the air flow plates !!!

Now inserts aren’t unheard of, but Wotofo designed them in such a way that you can change them WITHOUT removing the coils !!!

Pretty well thought out. Starting out with all the major parts that fit together well, and worked flawlessly.

I chose the gold version, and I was immediately taken aback by the gold flake 810 dirp tip…

Fit snug, and o-ringed …

The top cap was domed nicely for super flavor production …

Attention to detail like knurling, and engraved logo …

My standard edition came with a 3.0ml straight, and 4.5ml bubble glass …

The top assembly went together smoothly …

Missing was any large, kidney filling slots, and instead a small, needle tip only filling port, located under the slide …

The deck while not huge, was spacious enough, and well thought out with solid grub screws, peek insulators, and the pre-installed “slim groove” air plate …

And YES, you CAN change the air plates without removing the coils. The latch once snapped in, held it firmly …

The “honeycomb dot” plate was also included …

Part of the Troll X’s claim to fame was the additional air flow, and it was handled by THREE sets, of identical 5 ports …

The included Framed Staple Claptons …

And coil cutting guide …

Cutting them to the spec’d 6mm they sat nicely in the deck …

Tightened, and straightened …

After some pulsing the Ni80 blue came to life …

The supplied shoelace wicks were a little snug in the coils, but twisting them a bit, got them in cleanly …

When loading the first wick, it looked to take up almost 2/3’rds of the well, so I thinned, and angle cut them a bit, allowing the tails to reach the bottom of the well …

Adding the second tail, everything sat in place nicely without packing the wells …

Starting the saucing, and I did tamp down the wet tails just a bit to allow for easier top cap installation …

As previously mentioned the fill port was very small, and only allowed for needle tips. The filling WAS thought out well, as I could hear air forcing out opposite the fill port allowing for a clean, easy fill …

The Troll X looked great with both the straight, and bubble glass …


Overall the unit appeared to be well thought out, constructed, and machined. Everything fit together well, with o-rings where needed, knurling for ease of use, and plenty of airflow options. Throughout the cleaning, prepping, photographing, and setting this one up I was interested to see IF the claims of “Up to 10 times greater flavor” would pan out. I was actually SURPRISED by how good the flavor was on the Troll X. Not sure if it’s TEN times better, but it’s pretty damned excellent. My preferred setup was with the slotted air plate, airflow wide open, and about 65w. It produced a fairly dense, flavorful vape with no spitting, tank heating or any other negatives. I tested one of my go to Custards which can be harder to reproduce for some setups, but this one not only DID just that, but almost added some buttery-ness to the bottom end !!! What ?? !!! Yes, it actually did. Impressive to say the least. Building was slightly more work, but only in getting the tails thinned / angle cut to fit into the wells cleanly, and pre-sauced to help lay the cotton down before capping off the unit. I would have preferred a larger fill port to allow for larger tips, but the needle tips worked fine. Adjusting the airflow ring, and/or replacing the air plates was trouble free, and easy, and really did allow for a WIDE array of airflow choices that would cover just about anyone’s needs.


  • Great looking, especially the gold flake 810 drip tip
  • Tons of combined airflow options (airflow ring, and air plates)
  • Easy to use slide fill
  • Bottom Airflow
  • Single or Dual Coils
  • Tons of included extras, for vaping right out of the box
  • Rich, dense, accurate flavor, that enhanced my custards
  • Leak FREE (see end of review for spoiler…)


  • Included wicks somewhat tight in supplied coils, easily overcome
  • VERY small fill port
  • Proper wicking requires a little extra work
  • Pre-saucing wicks, and tamping required to correctly install top cap assembly


Well, well, well, color me impressed. I was actually very surprised to see how WELL my custards fared in this tank, AND, with almost a “buttery boost”. VERY unexpected to say the least. Having used similar designs before, I was fully prepared for the slightly extra amount of work required regarding the wicking, and pre-saucing before completely installing. The airflow plates actually DID provide a different feel, and I found the pre-installed slotted plate to be perfect. Lots of airflow and choices to be had, and despite chain vaping it, I was unable to get a dry hit out of it. Smooth operation and controls, and the stunning extras that Wotofo threw in, just made the deal even sweeter. Beyond the small filling port, I really couldn’t find fault with the Troll X RTA, and am now highly recommending it. Check out Health Cabin for a great price on this one, and thanks for taking the time, to come along for the ride !!!


If you have made it this far, I again, salute you. As an ADDED bonus, I decided to perform a leak test and laid the unit on it’s side for about 5 minutes, and guess what ?? LEAK FREE !!!





Nice write up. Wotofo really is one of the best companies for quality at a reasonable price. The additional stuff is a bonus. I own at least a dozen of their RDA/RTAs and I have so much extra stuff which is reassuring knowing that my tanks aren’t going to hit the dust bin for lack of a screw or oring.

This will definitely go on my list if I ever need to buy another tank.


Thanks a lot @natbone.


Nice looking! Love the knurling! Well done, SD!
The layout of this is similar, in some respects, to my Bulk RTA. I like the fact that the threads are continuous on this one,and capture the tails within the wells as opposed to having to make sure their layed in there just right so as not to impinge on top cap threading on.


Thank you @whthek, and I agree on the threads.



Great review SD, thank you.


Thanks very much @Tworrs.


Great review Dman, looks awesome in gold :heart_eyes:
Actually I’ve been looking for something in gold to go on my Gold Minikin 2 :+1:


Thanks a lot @Rocky02852.


Thank you. Excellent review. Very helpful and informative. Great job.


Thanks very much @criptanite.



Nicely covered! :sunglasses:


Thanks very much @Timwis, always means alot.



Did you try this with the mesh thingy under the coils? How’s the flavour?


ah, didn’t notice this was months old…

I’m blaming the suggested threads at the bottom of the page!


@Illogik I did, but the slots seemed to work better.


Ok. Either one of them looks like they provide good af below the coils though tbh.


If I remember right, the dotted plate was a smidge smoother, with no real flavor increase/reduction, but the slotted plate seemed to offer generally a BETTER airflow. Neither seemed to attempt (how could they) compress or saturate flavor, but was more solely on the FEEL of the draw/airflow.


Damn don’t you just hate it when that happens lol? At least it was from last year I still get asked about reviews from 6 years ago, I can’t even remember reviewing the product never mind the details they expect me to remember like it was yesterday!


Oh right. Makes sense I guess. The amount of air flow coming through either one wouldn’t differ by that much I’d imagine, just the way it is delivered.
Correct me if I’m wrong. Believe it or not, sometimes I am!