Worries about infection/pain caused by vaping

Hi all, sorry as i can see this is mainly positive stuff about vapes… but ive only been vaping since august… ive already had one tonsil infection and now have pains by my temples, glands in throat and above temples… sometimes this throbs… i get it when ive hit vaping hard (usually elf bars) for a couple of days and now not going away. Doctors havent a clue. I am worried vapes are causing it… trying to quit but keep relapsing… anyone else had thos problem at all?


I can say that I have not had this issue and vape daily for 8-10 years. However I diy and use different devices.

That said, I would recommend searching information on the topic of pg allergies, it may be something you have.

Additionally, many of the disposables use nic salt and may be some thing that your throat doesn’t like…and is causing irritation.

Also you can try switching, if possible, to a different type of disposable…or different type of vape all together if you cannot quit vaping.


Welcome to VC, @Saz1445 :wave: For starter’s, you’re not unique, as far as having throat issue’s with vaping. For some, one or more of the ingredient’s in the liquid can be an irritant, namely the Propylene Glycol (PG), which is one of the diluent’s in most eliquids.

As @ChrisPDX mention’s, it would be a good idea to experiment with a different type of device. You may even want to consider mixing your own liquid, where you could eliminate the PG altogether, as a test.

I personally had throat issue’s at one point, and found it to be the type of metal used in the coil of the device I was using. Switching to a different type solved the problem!

If you’re vaping to stay away from cigs, it would be worth your trying to get this sorted, if it otherwise means going back. Many of us(here) have been vaping for years with no ill effects.

Something else to consider…while maybe not as critical with lower power device’s like what you are using, hydration(meaning drinking ALOT of water) is very important as a vaper, and could be contributing to your throat issue.


Titrate your nicotine consumption, thats the way it is supposed to be done before profits were priority over health, also get off of dakt nic and get on freebase nic, salts are absorbed faster and trigger that dopamine rush that will make you more reliant… wherever you are mg wise, start dropping it, if you need a stronger throat hit, freebase will give you that in yhe higher doses.

If youre chasing the buzz you get from high mg salts, you wont get it with freebase


Hi all, thanks for taking the time for the really helpful and thorough advice… hopefuly im blowing these things up in my head and its not as sinister as imagining! Ill have into looking at these suggestions :slight_smile:


First time I tried vaping I gaged, my eyes bugged out, my balls fell off and everything went black. Common reaction to too much nicotine. With an Elf, you don’t have much control over what your vaping. As per above try something different.


Just weird observation bot or not


Never know, what i do know is we’re being depopulated and some doctors arent screening for thing like d dimer in bloodwork, why? Dont know