Worldwide Freedom Rally March 20th

For anyone who still cares about getting their freedom back, there’s a rally on Saturday.
Stand up for yourself, your kids, and your grandchildren.
If we don’t stop this madness now it might be too late.


Thanks for this @Jose Trying to find out about local events.


I downloaded Telegram, they have a group that you can join and get the info about where and when.


This might help, @Jose too…

and yes I am on telegram… might put something together there :slight_smile:


Our demonstration was over in 5 minutes. Riot police dispersed the crowd, probably beating them up in small groups.
There was a cordon around the demonstrators of healthcare workers in white coats.
We have a gathering every week on Museumplein. They call it drinking coffee.
People sitting on the ground with flowers and hearts and they are beaten every week.
Horses, dogs, truncheons and watercanons are used on primarily older people who are there for the freedom of their children and grandchildren.
The violence is staggering. Wounded people are just simply left on the ground and not attended to.
Hence the healthcare workers presence today.
The justification they give for all the violence is that people don’t keep their distance from each other.
Music is not allowed because of dance danger :wtf:
And after they have beaten everybody up and people are gone, the police gather around the snack van slapping each other on the shoulder and not keeping any distance whatsoever.
The whole thing is making me sick.


Im so sorry @Jose but people need to be treated with respect and some dignity…
This makes me sick too. Must be a way to stop the bs…


These cops look like emotionless robots. Empty looks, aggressive stance from the get go, it is really scary to see the disregard for the population.
Last year they dragged a woman in her 80’s out of a mobile scooter for not getting out of the way fast enough.
When she walked up to them they beat her to the ground. She got up and walked up to them again, they beat her to the ground a second time. Three times the old woman was beaten to the ground.
She ended up in hospital severely bruised and also had a heart attack.
She was back at the demonstration last week. Told a reporter that her children didn’t want her to be there but she wasn’t going to be stopped.
If people only had half the balls that this woman has…
This whole thing is just making me cry.
It’s incredible how fast the world has changed and how little a lot of people seem to care.

That story about frogs staying in a pan of water that is slowly heating up until they cook has been debunked some time ago.
People however… just sit still and claim that everything is cozy.


I don’t even know what to say @Jose. Not ever having traveled to NL, I hadn’t thought that sort of “thing” went on there. :frowning:

Quick search, to see how coverage, was “covered”.


It didn’t until now.
The lies are sickening too. The demonstration was announced before but they only gave permission for 500 people to attent at the Arena.
Since at least over 5000 people had pledged to attent, the organisation didn’t agree with that quotum of 500.

City counsel pulled out of the negotiations. There was a cordon of healthcare workers and Command troops in front of the people to protect them from violence.
When the riot police arrived, the Command troops saluted them. I suppose the police didn’t really know how to handle that.

On the news this evening they said there had been people among the demonstrators dressed up like healthcare workers and Command troops. :face_vomiting:

Every demonstration against the corona measures is met with extreme violence.
However, when last year there was a Black Lives Matter demonstration with thousands of people, the police were instructed to mingle with the people and do the knee bending stuff together with the demonstrators and our witch of a major stood right in the middle of the crowd, with a big smile and no mask of course, to show her solidarity.
Corona is apparently only dangerous when crowds gather for the ‘wrong’ reasons.


Im so sorry…

Jose… I know it is tought there… Can you not set up a new bill/law outling what you (your country) wants?
Is there a “channel” to make changes?

I really thought Amsterdam was a laid back place… not this mess!!!
Makes me really sad…

Yeah here… people are starting to take off the masks… some tho… are stuck in paranoid thoughts.


Nope, judges rule in favour of the government, even when they admit that the reasoning behind the objections against a rule are sound.
But the state said so, so it must be so.

The only time that didn’t happen the judge was replaced and within 4 hours the ruling was overturned by another judge.

Today there’s another demo as there is every Sunday on Museumplein.
Everybody is going to be searched because the news said there is strong evidence people are going to turn up with weapons.

These protests have been peaceful from the get go, apart from the police violence.

They are now coming up with a new law where police have permission to shoot when they feel or suspect someone will resort to violence.

We are turning into the US, ‘but I felt threatened so I shot the kid’.
There’s a petition going round now demanding a recount of the votes and/or a new election.
Exitpolls already had the outcome when people were still busy voting.

It used to. This shit started at the beginning of this century with endless fear mongering about terrorism.
The only way they could keep us safe from that was by eliminating any form of privacy we had.

Now we have an invisible enemy and they are taking away the few rights we have left and of course people’s property.

It’s the same everywhere isn’t it.
We’re being sucked dry.



This video gives a very clear picture of how our state funded media works.


@Jose if I could bring you over here, I would…


Thank you my dear but aren’t we all in the same boat? :kissing_heart:


That we are… too bad it’s not a super yacht!! with no holes in it!! :smiley: :rofl: