Wicking with muji cotton

Hi all
I have been on sub-ohm tanks for a short wile and have decided to go in building my own coils and have got a single coil rta to start with.The main problem i am having is how much cotton do i need to cut in with for a 3mm diameter coil i have bought a pack of muji pads to srart of with any help would be appreciated


Been many years since I used muji pads but if IRC i used to use around 2.5 - 3 x the internal diameter of the coil.
So if your coil is 3mm ID you would cut somewhere between 7.5mm and 9mm from your pad (maybe a little more if you are stripping the compressed cotton off both sides of the pad)


sounds about right! Enough to roll it just right.


Scottish roll baby. Yeah, I remember those days. I always used about a half pad, after peeling the outside layers off. I would roll it and stick it in the coil and stretch it til I got it just right. Where pulling on the cotton just would very slightly try to pull the mod over, if that makes sense.


Totally makes sense!