Who has helped you, motivated you, inspired you?

As many of you know, I had some recent events that unfolded into an unfortunate situation. Needless to say I was actually humbled by the community that I surrounded myself with, and had apparently underestimated, in turn, ended up surrounding me. I was moved by that. It reminded me that many of us spend a lot of time online DIY’ing, helping others, creating recipes, reviewing equipment, flavors, and juices, and JUST might not realize how much of an impact you have had on others.

It can be humbling…

No one can remember ALL of those who inspired us, motivated us, helped us, or pissed us off hehe, but everyone always has at least a few that they can remember (if not more) that have made DIY’ing, or Vaping easier, better, or just plain more fun.

I will leave the floor open to you guys, with the most bestest animated gif I could find, in honor of @Steampugs, who taught me, that ani gifs DO belong in reviews, and if you can’t have fun doing it, then DON’T !!!


Tough crowd ehhh @gus-gus. Perhaps my ani gif was TOO much ?? :slight_smile:

After a fairly long, sheltered stint at ECF, I landed at ELR, and met some of the BEST people in the DIY world. Far too many to list, or give props to, and it can be hard when you know or meet as many people as I (and you guys) do after you’ve been doing this long enough.

I think @Pro_Vapes was one of the most influential mixers I met, mostly because he had to un-train me into using very low % with Medicine Flower, but also with his ability to mix seamlessly across multiple MFG’s with little to no issue. @Alissa, and @Amy were also mixers that I watched closely and learned a lot about layering and construction from, and @VapeyMama never ceased to amaze with her insane amount of, and quality of recipes. In closing, the one who I personally BLAME for starting up testing, was none other than @Mysticrose, but she’ll NEVER take any credit for it. After reading most of her work, I was so impressed, that it actually inspired me to try to catch up to her. Too many other names to mention, but it’s not about EVERYONE, but just who motivated, helped, or inspired. Maybe you guys have longer lists, OR, a better memory hehe.


I just saw this category “the pub” that for some unknown reason was silenced from the beginning, in case it is of interest to @Grubby
It’s only been 2 years and more than vaping … And mixing, I think 1.5 years …
Who has helped me? All the regulars, great people … Always willing. As you know, I invite you to a beer when you visit Barcelona …
Motivated? The same … And special mention to my partner, always encouraging me.
Inspired? I am not a good mixer, rather I adapt recipes from others, or I just make them (from others). I have also made three or four that I like, but nothing special. Although I have recently started doing SFT … Let’s see if I learn something at once. Here I must emphasize to you @SessionDrummer , when reading its taste tests. And also from Smoky, from whom I have learned a special way of mixing (even if it’s limited to FLV + AP)
Also mention Shaner, who no longer visits the forum, of which I have made most of the recipes, with excellent results. Also Vladimiros, Alisa and Michelle Hughes. And sure I leave many, but as I said at the beginning, all the regular visitors.
Thank you all for guiding me and accompanying me.


Yes, difficult friend … Besides, I don’t speak the language …


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You speak VERY well my friend, especially considering it is not your native language. Very good @gus-gus.


LMAO…Ok, I’ll accept the blame, after all it is free…rofl. Sometimes things are just meant to be, and maybe with my illnesses getting worse and more plentiful, we all needed someone who could step in for me while I’m unable to contribute.

I am honestly humbled with you giving me credit, but you took the ball, learned, and have done an amazing job becoming a fellow flavor scribe. Time for you to take credit for your own outstanding work!!!

I thank you for continuing to SF test even when it’s exhausting, expensive, and at times monotonous. I read all your reviews, and they save me a lot of money now.

I am always in the background watching over your shoulders all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hehe, no pressure right ???

Thank you @Mysticrose