Who else is primarily a MTL vapist?

Just thought I would ask how many here are MTL vapists.

I am MTL only and mainly use RTA’s. My dailies are OG Berserkers and Brunhilde MTL RTA’s.

A lot of the time I vape using SS316L in TC mode which a friend got me into.

As a rule, I have found that recipes with total flavouring of 17 to 20% or so work for me, sometime less but not often.

I know taste is subjective so what is your experience in this respect?


I’m interested in this also, you make a good point there about the flavour percentage


I am a very very loose mtl… my coils range from .4ohm to around .8ohm
I mix with super concentrates and my total flavor amounts range from .56% to 5%

I also love my clouds, and my total flavor amounts for those doesn’t change, there is no need. :slight_smile:


So close to RDL for airflow?
Do you use MTL tanks or closed down DL tanks @SmokyBlue?


Good question. I’m curious to know that too.

I am mostly MTL but still enjoy some serious vapor in my lungs.

As for flavor percentage, I go from 3 to 15 percent flavor. It really depends on which concentrates I am using and which device I am putting into. For the Brunhilde I am around the 4 - 8 range but for my Mig Vapor pen my percentage is way up. Like 20% so that I can at least taste it.


I did not like the beserker, there are a few others… but you also need to remember, I do love my clouds.
I am not a fulltime mtl vaper. I hate feeling like I am sucking a watermelon out of a coffee straw :slight_smile:

The set up I use comes with a tiny dripper, yet I can still blow a 4ft cloud with it. It is considered a mtl dripper, but the airflow is super loose. There will be other caps for it. This is a prototype, almost finished and is in production. Available soon! :slight_smile:

This is the disposable dripper or rsa…
There is a lot of goodies made for this mod, including a really super cool cap… I do consider this tiny mod a true mixer’s dream mod. Super easy to set up, mtl but yet still gives a quality vape.

SXmini auto squonker. I have yet to put it down since I received it, I’d say almost 2 months now.


You must have better taste buds than I do @Dan_the_Man. I find I need higher than that in my Brunhildes otherwise it has no real flavour to me.

I prefer a fairly tight draw for my vapes. I need it to be at least as tight as a cigarette was or it doesn’t work for me. I do find it interesting how different we all are in airflow choice for MTL.

That is a cute little unit @SmokyBlue. Very cool. :grin:


I’d also say it is the flavor brands you are using, to take into consideration. :slight_smile:

Yeps that is for sure… par for the course, we are different as to set ups, mixes and what tastes good to us as individuals :slight_smile:

It is… so far it’s been a good little device… :smiley:


Im about 50/50. I MTL more from pods than from tanks.


Switched over to a loose mtl about a month ago. Stack ranked attys:

  1. Gate
  2. Steamcrave Aromamizer Lite V1.5
  3. Berserker
  4. Siren 2
  5. Eleaf Lemo Drop
    6… Steamcrave Aromamizer Lite (original)

All built simple ka wire, 2.5 ID, 6 Wrap 28ga or 8 Wrap 26ga, all just over 1 Ω, spaced if possible


Good stuff mate, I am the opposite and don’t use any pods, just RTA’s, RDA’s and RDTA’s. I prefer them over any pods I have tried.

Nice mate. I use either KA1 26/28 or SS316L 26/28/Clapton and almost always 3.0 ID. Mine range from 0.6 ohms to 1.5 ohms depending on which setup it’s in.

I prefer my tanks to have volume and be a tight draw so my favs are the OG Berserker RTA and the Brunhilde MTL R(D)TA.


I got a Nautilus 2 and a Dvarw 16 clone. I use them, but not alot. And when I use them I’ll use it everyday for a while and then just let them gather dust till next time.
I was going to get me an Intake or an MD ,but my budget changed.
I like pods because I quit smoking with a pod system. It’s small and can go in my pocket without having to worry about autofiring. And these Freemax pods has outstanding flavour.