Where do you buy your e liquid flavours online?

As the title says, I’ll kick it off with some UK based sites.



Aside from manufacturer’s direct sites, the only places I’ve bought concentrates from was a vape shop that went out of business, and heartlandvapes.com. Never tried the ‘big ones’ everyone seems to use.


https://www.driphacks.com/ is another decent UK one


I quit using ECX after I got two INW flavors that tasted like pine. Like a pine tree scented cleaner. I contacted customer service and the chemist said that I need to let it steep for two weeks. I was skeptical, but I let it steep and it still tasted like a strong pine flavor. They never offered to replace them or anything. My guess is their bottling equipment got cleaned but not rinsed thoroughly or Homer Simpson was in charge of bottling that day.

I mostly use NR. I haven’t had any long delays like some people have, but I live pretty close. Even if I get nic or combustible flavors, its here the next day UPS ground.

I do order directly from CAP and FW a few times a year to get quantities or flavors that nobody else carries. Usually the flavors from the manufacturers were just recently mixed and are nice and fresh.


I use chefs flavours too, good prices and delivery time is fast :smile:


So I finally got the dreaded delay from Nicotine River that some of you have experienced. I placed an order Sunday evening. It is now Thursday and I still hadn’t received any updates other than the original order confirmation.

I chatted with their live help desk and was told that they printed my order and would expedite it and hopefully get it out today. I got the usual response that they had just moved and were implementing new systems etc… They have been doing that for months now lol.

It shouldn’t take you contacting them to get your order shipped four days later. They really need to realize that most online stores ship same day or next day. If the order isn’t shipped next day, then they need to update the customer and explain the delay.

I told them I go on vaping forums and that they had lost customers due to their constant delays and lack of communication. Oh well, can’t tell somebody how to run their business, its their loss. They are obviously willing to sacrifice retail customers for whatever reason.


I like that… I’ve been waiting for a non-vaping item that was ordered 7 days ago… I got a “marked as shipped” alert which meant just the label created. It is still in that state, so obviously the outfit has not found the motivation to carry it to the mailbox. Irritates the hell out of me.


February 15, 2019 at 2:22 pm

Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item



Smartpost was mandated by the government to force real carriers to involve the damn post office in the last mile, because everyone knew long ago that the government is incapable of doing a job properly and efficiently. It sucks and has made things worse for us. Like everything else, letting people get things done outside of the government is almost always better, cheaper, and more efficient.


Can I ask the community, particularly those who are Aussie like me, where do you buy your concentrates from?

So far I’ve only found a few Aussie sites and they seem to be very limited in terms of the companies they stock. I’ve been getting frustrated with finding recipes that I might like to try, only to find I’ve no idea where to get some of the concentrates…

Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

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Im not Australian but I Know Juice Factory was a great company …I actually orderd from them and was amazed how fast they were to the USA…

Flavourworld seems to be highly recommended as well. For the flavors you cant get there Chefs would be a good site


Thanks @Fiddy, had already found Juice Factory, checking out Flavourworld and Chefs now…

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While you are at chefs don’t forget to grab some Mysterfog one-shots (shameless plug)
Chefs are probably the best value due to the fixed price shipping.

I buy stuff from all over (mainly because the Au sites do not carry large bottles and if they do they want drug money for them)

Here are a few
Good range and prices

Free Au shipping
United Kingdom Vape Shop - Electronic Cigarettes (Ecig Mods/Liquid/Starter Kit), eJuice, Vape Mods & Liquid, Vaporizers | DashVapes - United Kingdom

Good range but shipping is exxy

Great peeps to deal with and fast shipping & some excellent concentrates)

Closer to home

In Perth

Should keep you going for a little while


Wow! That’s awesome, thanx heaps for compiling that list! I’d already also found Vapoureyes and The Steamery but I’ll be checking the rest of those sites out!

And I surely will.

Cheers heaps for that :grinning:


Thanks @SessionDrummer!

Plenty of sites for me to check out. I think I’m starting to see the rabbit hole…


Would anybody happen to know if something is up with Vape Train Australia?

I ordered a couple of flavours on their website a few weeks ago and it still says the order is “processing”. I’ve tried contacting them twice, once via the web contact form and once via the info@… email but haven’t gotten a response yet.


Not that I am aware of. There is no rona reason I can think of. Do you have Theo on book of face?


I ordered on Friday and received confirmation that it was shipped yesterday.
Should see it today or tomorrow, Aus Post dependent.
Never had a problem on any other orders previously.


I’ve used Bull City now for about 7 yrs…
River for about 1 yr…and I order from Chefs about 2/3 X a year to stock up on my fav FA flavors that aren’t available here anymore…


No I don’t, I have looked him up but I have refrained from contacting Theo directly so far as I thought it better to contact through the “official” channels…

That’s reassuring.

Thanks guys, I think I will give it a bit longer and then if I still haven’t gotten a reply I’ll try sending Theo a PM via facebook.