What was your worst flavor?


Might be interesting and fun and maybe show a pattern. What was the worst one you ever tasted? You know, the one that made you think you were vaping the drippings from the back of a garbage truck… The one that made you go brush your teeth and scrape your tongue while you held back from heaving?

Did you get a bad bottle or was it the Flavo[u]ring?

I thought I had found nastiness with LB Pumpkin Pie aka “burnt tires w/’ skunk ass” and INW Lime aka “commercial cleaner” but INW Creme Brulee tops my list. (I do wonder if I got a bad bottle.)



Before I answer, I will ask… do you mean a vendor juice or a single concentrate?



Single concentrate.



Inw lime is very very strong - (.1-.2 sf) it does have a funky component that disappears eventually.
Inw creme brulee while not a favorite of mine I didn’t find burnt tyres but I would also use at around .5-.8 in a mix as a support not a main. I see the test on ELR at 3% and yes that would likely induce vomit.

My worst four flavours ever

  1. Tpa Taro - vaped potato and dirt
  2. Tpa Taro - A/A
  3. Tpa Maraschino Cherry is exceptionally strong and anything above .1% I get soap and haven’t revisited simply because Imho it is not worth the trouble
  4. Black Label Banana RF - I couldn’t get a handle on this one at all. I SF tested multiple times all the way from .1% through to 4% and no matter what I did I got virtually 0 taste. One day I will go back but since I have much better bananas it won’t be anytime soon.


With the INW Lime I can’t stand even one drop. Lots of people say up to 5 % with the Creme Brulee. If I try it again it will be maybe .5 but I doubt I will. :rofl: I think there’s a chemical in some of these that I can’t tolerate. I thought it was the vanilla used in some TFA and Cap VC so maybe I ran into it again. But this was different. Its been hours and i can’t get rid of that taste. :nauseated_face:



Ya I hear you, there are some compounds in some flavours that people are super sensitive to - koolada or any other cooling compound are my kryptonite they just give anything I try them in a chemical soup flavour I cannot stand.



For me it has to be FLV Lovage Root, absolutely disgusting.



Funny about that… To me it tastes exactly like maraschino cherry juice from the jar. It’s one of my wife’s favorites still. But there’s no denying it is one of the most potent concentrates on the market. I believe above 10% it can be used as a drain cleaner.



TFA Kona coffee here. My ALL TIME worst, most disgusting flavor.

Koolada is nothing but a minty/menthol mouthful of chalk. (was too overwhelmed by the chalk to discern which one was dominant) Pretty unpleasant, but only achieved a serious WTF face (and a fast reach for the nearest water bottle to get rid of the chalk factor).

Anything with a high enough quantity of Butyric Acid (which isn’t much) I despise. Nasty taste.



TPA Juicy Pineapple - dirty socks mixed with burnt onions



Hands down TPA’s Taro. Absolutely disgusting, even as low as .1 it tasted like sick.



I’m still trying to think of what has appalled me… One I know is Cap Hazelnut. Raw, plain hazelnuts. No toasted flavor, no supporting notes of any kind. I do not like raw nuts (stop laughing) and this pumps that flavor up by a factor of 10.



I also mixed TFA Malted Milk at 20% and invented mozzarella cheese juice. I mistook the concentrate as malted milk ball candy and, being new to DIY mixing at the time, assumed every concentrate was perfect. That was a nasty shock. I like that concentrate in proper %'s so that can’t count as a worst list entry, but that was a really bad juice.



At 20 % I imagine it was nasty. There are several that I didn’t care for but played around with enough to at least be vapable even if I didn’t care for it. Then there are a few that taste so bad to me that they defy any food taste description. I think its some chemical that I react to but I have never been able to isolate what it is. Sparks said a long time back that he thought it might be the “egg” in some of them. Starting out I had a bad time because I am a pepper taster in TFA and get some really strong chemical taste with some CAP stuff including Vanilla Custard. Don’t know???



As always, shows how specific vaping is to each individual. There’s so much hatred for TFA Maraschino Cherry that it’s nearly universal, but my wife and I get it for whatever reason. I think a lot of people just mixed too high and got the industrial cleaner version, and were so repulsed they never went back. And that’s understandable. With so many out there to choose from, I also lack the patience needed to test them all at 10 different levels to try to figure it out. I get irritated just re-testing some of these WF SC’s for a second time. 104 of them times 10 different levels, then trying to mix them in to other recipes- it takes away all motivation.



Not even macadamia?



Best nuts are Aussie nuts :crazy_face:.

I love Macadamia they are expensive here and native to here can’t even imagine how much they cost over there (Unless they are grown locally in Cali or something).

I don’t vape nuts.



I don’t think I knew that! Lucky man!

I understood the majority come from Hawaii (at least here in the US), but I hadn’t given it much thought beyond them seeming to have a preference for tropical climates (or so I thought).

They’re expensive AF here too. But I figured that was largely due to the shipping. Strange that they’re not more reasonable if they’re native.



Bit of a derail but it is mainly due to the removal of the shell which is like granite will break any nutcracker you care to use. I think they soak em in acid to enable a whole nut extraction. They are around $30 a kg (ish)



As said macadamia’s are native to Au. For dog lovers such as myself they are highly toxic to dogs.

North America has lots of nut tree species and a few native. Just on my land alone I have walnut, hickory, beech, and acorns from my oak trees. The walnut produces so many nuts that you would need a helmet to walk under it at times. I buy kids wading pools and fill them with walnuts and set them by the road- free to any that want to mess with them. Too much work for me but I’m certain that the one big tree produces thousands some years.

But walnuts, butternuts, ( a walnut) pecans, hazelnuts, and many others are plentiful here.