What was YOUR first post on the VC?

Just posted this on ELR as well. Interesting …


Hello everyone, I’ve been kickin’ around the site for a few days now, happy to have found the perfect mix of good information, humor and humbleness within it’s pages. This is my RDA…‘Rotating Display Assembly’ (aka The Mod Squad) that I built from a lazy susan, in my garage/shop. Yeah, a bit of OCD I guess! Hey, my lovely wife has lots of shoes and owns most of the closet space for clothes so this is how " I " accessorize. The 12yr. old Toy Poodle is Kayla who is thankfully still healthy and energetic as ever. I don’t look forward to ‘the day’ that we pet owners inevitably face. I’ve read about your losses,here, and I’m sorry for them. Catch you all around at some point…keep smilin’