What mod would fit this behemoth




Funny how they named it “The Colorado”.
They had to have been high…


Holy Crap! Have to be a mod mounted to a table with a dedicated 220 line.


What about this fully functional 120mm lmao.

I believe it fits with no overhang on a Tarot Nano


I was in a now defunct local vape shop and they had this Fat Boy 46mm RDA. I was so tempted to buy it several times but they wanted way too much for it.


I love big tops…aaaannnd big tanks :wink: but that is just getting nuts. Not planning on giving anymore money to those vapergate jerks as well, worst customer service ever.


Not that I’ll ever buy anything like this… But is my memory failing again, or is there an unshared story here?


I love it, personally. But it has a popsicle/microphone look.


It is an old story, before this forum was in existence and what prompted me to do reviews. The Vapergate 30mm Dumptank which a friend watched Ambitionz Vapers review on which got me to watch and we both ordered one. It was great for the first couple of weeks but then lived up to it’s name, dumped all it juice as the swivel top would get loose over time. Happened to me first but my friends was fine, a week later he was suffering the same problem. Someone started a thread on vaping underground with the same problem and others began to chime in, it was a problem with the 30mm, not the 40mm version.

A few on that thread even sent it back to Vapergate to complain about the problem and the owner said hmmm, you all just don’t know how to wick. I called him and explained that I own at that time over 40 RTA’s and never had this problem. He still continued with “Well, you all just don’t know how to wick properly” I told him that there was a reason they included extra spacers for the swivel top, said in the owners manual that it can get loose over time to add another spacer. The problem is it continues to get loose to the point that no more spacers will fix the problem.

Still to this day the worst experience in vaping and talking with Vapergates owner just made it worse, I vowed to never buy another product from then and the only company I can say that about.

It also pisses me off that if Ambitionz Vapers would have used it for at least 2 weeks he would have encountered the problem as well. These youtube hacks who just use products for a day or 2 are full of shit and that is why I will only watch a couple who I know take there time like our very own @SmilingOgre

My friend was so pissed he checked if Vapergate was going to be at a local vape show. He wanted to bring his Dumptank with him and tell that dick off in person…OK, he actually said he wanted to throw it at his head…whatevs.

There response to everyone was just unacceptable IMO, never get my business again.


HaHa funny you should say I had exactly the same issue with the dumptank and it sits on the museum shelf as a result. I still have a brand new one in its box that I won’t even bother with. I got told exactly the same thing lmao. So shit man we should learn to wick then we would be fine.


Haha, I almost bought a second the first week with it. I think what sucks the worst is I actually enjoyed using it prior to the flood gates opening


Another great review my brother! Lol, I know that was not the intent but Vapergate just landed on Ogre’s black list. For the most part I have a lot of respect for a mod maker that will contact me. They obviously have seen my review(s) and they know damn well I’ll put a scope on the thing. Some have went so far as to consider the independent testing and make changes to their devices. Huge differences in ethics between companies.


OK, I don’t like it anymore.