What is it with lemon?

I seem to have a problem vaping anything with lemon in it. Have tried all types and even commercial lemon based juices. I find that after a short amount of time, my throat gets really irritated and I develop a dry cough. Also seems to make my digestive system feel more acidic and seems to encourage regurge.

Any clues? Is it a chemical they use specifically for lemon that I cannot tolerate. As a point of reference, real citrus does the same to me.


A lot of lemons have a base lemon oil (extracted from the lemon skin) so it is possible that you are having the same reaction as you would a real lemon.

It is due to a trick the body can play on you - when something is a saliva stimulant the stomach says woot woot here comes some food and starts to produce more acid since there is no food following it can cause reflux.


Oh wow. Thanks Simon I thought it was just something with me. It’s bloody annoying when it happens and I feel ripped off that I can’t have a lovely lemon meringue pie.

Guess I can always just have a custard tart instead. :smile:


Just curious do you have the same reaction to lime or orange?


I actually do mate. Can’t eat or drink anything citrus based. Except for Cointreau when I was a drinker but I don’t think that counts…


Me too, I’m always hacking and coughing with strong real lemons. I went to WF Summertime Lemonade, Lemon Shisha, FA Lemon Sicily and few other candied lemons lower in zest to keep this at a minimum but not lose my love for citrus. The real lemon actually ate some of the rubber of my last Aegis mod too!


Yeah, I decided I just didn’t like lemon or citrus enough to bother. Good you found a workaround for yourself though mate. :smile:


Wow what a bummer, I love Lemon vapes. Especially a lemon candy or lemon cheesecake. Have you tried adding some sour (Malic Acid @20% in PG) ?
“Malic acid is used as an acidulant, an antioxidant flavoring agent, a buffering agent, and a chelating agent. In pharmaceutical formulations, the substance is used as a general-purpose acidulant. The (L)-enantiomer possesses a slight apple flavor, and is used as a flavoring agent to mask bitter tastes and to provide tartness.”


I have not tried that @Rocky02852 but I think my issue is with the base citric acid or something that is in citrus of any kind. Since it is real food too, and all citrus, not just lemon, I am not sure.

This is something that has always bugged me in real life too. I really like the taste of lemon cheesecake and meringue, but the after effects mean I just cannot go there with any citrus based desserts.


Yeah sounds like the citrus acid is the culprit, like I said try Sour it may be the only hope. (The term Sour may be misleading, but seriously helps with citrus problems) I helped another mixer with the same issue on another forum with the same issue :ok_hand:

“Malic acid is the primary acid present in apple and the secondary acid present in citrus fruit rather than citric acid. It imparts a smoother fruity flavour than any other acid.

(“It imparts a smoother fruity flavour than any other acid.”)


First, are you staying hydrated? That is the biggest… taking in enough fluids… you should be drinking at least up to a gallon of water a day… Second… the lemon or “citrus” we use are synthetic. It’s not really lemon/citrus but compounds that give the impression of citrus.

Your body chemistry comes into play. Do you break out in pimples when drinking things like lemonade? The coughing is due to being astringent in your throat… easy to explain. The citric acid in citrus fruits might be changing and affecting your body. Try cutting things down by using creams…

There ya go.

Sad to say, you might have to start with lower citrus amounts. think about combining with things like apples, pears, and creams… anything to cut the acidic reactions you seem to be having… Eventually, you might develop a tolerance to acidic vapes as well as drinks and eats.