What flavours build a good Pie Base?

I have some ideas for diffrent pie recipes.
Anyone can tell me, how to get a good pie base? What flavours to use?


I assume you are talking about a pastry base rather than a biscuit base so based on that i would suggest either

  • FA Apple pie (the apple is very light almost not there) at arounf 1- 2% depending on how forward you want it. This would be best if you are doing a fruit based pie.
  • OOO Pie Crust if it is not a fruit pie also used at around 1-2%

Your may need to boost the flavours to a level you like I tend to mix fairly low. Good luck


FA Apple Pie i have in my stash. Make it sense to add a little WF Angle Cake? Because FA Apple Pie is more the crust, or?


Ya it is much more crust than apple - I have never tried adding angel cake to it I have in the past modified it with a tiny bit of fa cookie but it will obviously depend on what type of pie you are making and where you want the crust to sit in the mix


At first i want make a banana cream pie. I want the pie as a secondary flavour. Light in the background, but there. I will try it with FA Apple Pie and a little Angle Cake or Yellow Cake …


Wolfram, why OOO Pie Crust is not good for Fruity Pies?


Not that it isn’t good for a fruit type pie just my personal preference that I would use fa apple pie and utilise the slight apple notes. Where as if it was some other type of pie like chocolate cream or something similar I OOO would be my preference


So you want a good base for the crust.

There are lots of flavors I have used for a crust, as desserts were a real favorite of mine for awhile.

FA Cookie and a little INW Shisha Vanilla make for a decent base for a Nilla Cookie crust. TFA Acetyl Pyrazine helps here. In my family, you didn’t make a banana cream pie without Nilla’s. Although, I also like a regular dough crust with mine :wink:

For just a plain dough pie crust I used TFA Pie Crust with a little Capella Sugar Cookie. This is great with peach cobblers (oh my my), apple pies, cream pies, etc.

For a graham crust I often used Capella Graham Cracker with just a touch of FLV Rich Cinnamon. I often paired this with custards and cheesecakes.