What are the most popular misconceptions about vaping?

When we encounter something new, we tend to be suspicious. It’s a completely natural reaction: when something that was never there before appears in our life we greet it with a mix of interest and doubt.
And even though vaping has been around since the early 2000s, it still seems to be shrouded in mystery and misconceptions.

What are some of the most common misconceptions about vaping that you’ve come across? We’ve made a list of our top five.

Number one: vaping is the same as smoking

In fact, in some countries vaping is considered to be worse than smoking — at least, this is what it looks like based on their vaping regulations. For instance, in Hong Kong, you won’t be able to purchase or bring in nicotine-containing e-liquids and in some countries like Thailand and Singapore vaping in public can get you a jail sentence.
With that, all the scientific evidence available to us at this point states that vaping is not at all the same as smoking. According to Public Health England, it presents 95% less risk to one’s health than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Number two: second-hand vaping equals second-hand smoking

No one should be subjected to inhaling someone else’s vapor if they don’t want to — and there are definitely public courtesy rules to follow when you are vaping. However, to say that second hand vaping equals second-hand smoke is simply wrong.
Second-hand vapor is basically an aerosol exhaled by a vaper and is not a product of combustion. Thus, you are not inhaling thousands of chemicals and tar but rather “steam” from the heated vape juice.

Number three: vaping gear explodes all the time

Anything that has a battery can technically explode. This includes gadgets that we use almost every hour of our lives like smartphones, laptops, tablets and so on. This typically happens if there is something wrong with the device you are using or if you are using third party charging equipment. Yes, there are instances of vaping mods that explode, but these cases are very rare. If you properly maintain your mod, use manufacturer recommended charging gear and replace batteries in a timely manner, everything should be fine.

Number four: we still don’t know what’s inside e-liquids

We do. Most e-liquids have Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol (or both in various proportions) flavoring and nicotine (which is optional as you can vape totally nic free if you want to). Both PG and VG are rated as generally safe for use by the FDA and in Europe, e-cigarette products are subject to standards of quality and safety under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations.

Number five: vaping makes people start smoking

Vaping was initially created a smoking cessation aid. What has made it so popular is, to a large extent, it’s versatility: the ability to chose different flavors, control nicotine levels and pick PG / VG ratios resonated with smokers who wanted to quit but were not ready to leave the lifestyle elements of smoking behind. Switching to vaping is one of the most effective ways of giving up cigarettes — but there is no evidence that those who start vaping move on to using traditional tobacco.