What are everyone's thoughts on vaping help helping quit smoking

My thoughts are they help me quick cuz I was a 25-year smoker and when I started vaping 5 years ago and help me get rid of the cigarettes and I’ve enjoyed vaping so much


Hey @Shane52, Welcome to the VC forums, thanks for joining us!

Vaping is so much better than smoking in every way. Better for your health compared to the 1000’s of chemicals in cigarettes, endless varieties of flavours and nicotine strengths, lower cost (until you fall down the vaping rabbit hole lol). I haven’t touched a ciggy since I started vaping. Now I make my own coils, juice and love every minute of it.


Congratulations @Shane52, and welcome to the VC.


Vaping finally got me off cigarettes for good. Long time cigarette smoker. I was able to taper down, but never completely give them up. At the end it was two packs a week maybe every 10 days? Had been smoking on and off since my early teens.

That was back at the end of 2015. Started out with an innocent cool fire for tc100 and a smock big baby beast.


Welcome to VC @Shane52 :wave:
I tried vaping, and put the cigs down almost 5yrs. ago myself, and haven’t touched one since.