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Hello Community,

You are invited to participate in a research project because you are a vaping consumer or traditional smoker interested in tobacco-nicotine alternatives.

We want to better understand your experience when looking for information related to Nicotine Alternatives products and how it might be improved.

This research is independent and not related to any brand or company in the industry.

The procedure involves filling a short online survey. ** Your responses are confidential and no identifying information such as your name, email address or IP address is collected.**

Nicotine Alternatives Survey

Thanks for contributing to this research


This is good…I definitely think getting info on my options and available choices is kinda cumbersome today. I’ve responded to the survey good luck!


OP joined 2 hours ago. (Fine, np)
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My thoughts exactly but I would like to know more about this survey @survey_nar please elaborate on who the information is for and why it is being collected


I understand your concerns.

Why - As a smoker and now experimenting with other alternatives like vape, I had a hard time searching and finding clear and concise information about available options. This made me think if my experience is shared by others and thought of asking the community.

Who - Myself for the purpose of confirming if the problem is shared and if there is something which could done to improve. It’s completely private and anonymous.

Hope you can help


In Scotland, there’s a national campaign to help and support people to stop smoking.
It’s run by NHS Scotland, and once registered, you have a weekly appointment at your local pharmacy with a ‘stop smoking adviser’.
They check your CO2 level, discuss problems you may be having, and offer advice and support. They also supply two weekly prescriptions, free of charge, for nicotine replacement products including patches, gum, mints, and inhalers.
The appointments last six months and were a huge help in helping me quit cigarettes.
I only vape now, and am down to 6mg juice, having started on 18mg.