We are starting a mentor program

Aside from help on forums and discord and youtube - a handful of us are starting a mentor program. If you would like to join up as either an established mixer or a new mixer if you wish to help out or to be helped please drop an email to TEACHMEDIY@GMAIL.COM it would be helpful to include your time zone and experience.

Please feel free to join the FB group


Nice to see you in there too. I have one question or remark if you like: the emphasis is on mixing your own liquid for self sufficiency, how about coil building?
If they really start to crack down on anything vaping, it might not be possible for people to buy any stock coils.
Unless they want to drink their liquid, they’ll be floundering if they cannot build a coil.
They will need some easy to build on tanks and/or drippers to be able to continue to vape.


I am sure we can get someone in on that too great idea.


Great idea. And a better idea is to surely not include me on the mentor list. I made mozzarella cheese juice, remember…


Great idea, this is going to help out a bunch of people. I want @Pennywise to be my mentor, add in some pepperoni and a buttery crust…yum…then we can work on the beer recipe next and my football sundays will be complete :beers: