Wal-Mart, not Wal-Smart

So, 8 stupid people die from vaping THC and Vitamin E. Thousands of people die from smoking cigarettes every day.

Wal-Mart’s answer? Stop selling vape products. But absolutely keep selling cigarettes. That’s a great answer, sure shows how much you care.


It’s all political. They need to be on the “right side of history” as it were. Vaping is one hot potato right now. Best for them to steer clear. And no, nobody gives a damn. The writing is on the wall. The gooberment wants this to be the next illegal drug. Maybe after 50 years and thousands of deaths from Cartels, rival gangs, doped products, etc., it will become legal as per pot if people want it as badly as they did pot. If not it will become a blurb in history books about an evil practice that the government was able to stomp out.


It may be all preventative financial strategy too. If someone uses a poison pod on a device they bought at Walmart, we know who they will sue.

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Cigarettes are also more lucrative, imagine the bind they are in. If the science is clear about the benefits of e-cigs, there’s no way they’d be able to put a sin tax on it like they do with cigarettes.
If they cannot get rid of e-cigs but convincingly scare a large part of the population with nonsense, they can impose a sin tax.
You have to look at the future, Pandora’s box is already wide open, there’s no way to put the stuff back in so they have to find a way to make as much money of it as they make on cigarettes.

And @anon96069639, Walmart assured me this picture would not be published, that’s my privacy down the drain :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The thing that gets me with all this proselytizing is how the self-righteous media and businesses so intentionally overlook the fact that they are continuing to ignore public health by selling tobacco products, with the same stupid mouth they preach the dangers of vaping. ‘Vaping will kill you, so we’re removing them from our stores. Oh by the way, there’s a nice rebate on cartons of ciggies so be sure to stock up now…’

Pretty sure there’s a picture of Wal-Mart next to the word hypocrite in the dictionary.


They’re all lining up to protect the bottomline and that’s why we won’t win this with arguments.
As long as we’re playing their game we are going to lose big time.
You can’t beat them at their own game, they’ve invented it and bought all the players.
They are masters of distortion and got a battery of legal advisers to add to it.
No matter what sensible argument is put to them, they manage to twist it to suit their own agenda.
We must find a different way but don’t ask me what that is cause I don’t know.
You can forget voting too, we are being royally screwed and I’m still waiting for that kiss.