VXV Soulmate RDTA Pod for Drag S/X - Mini Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this mini review i take a look at the Soulmate RDTA Pod for Drag S/X from VXV. The VXV Soulmate RDTA Pod for Drag S/X was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.




VXV are known for producing a couple of RDA’a and RTA’s that are about the best value for money atties available with only Oumier coming close in that regard. More recently VXV have took advantage of the growing Pod Mod trend becoming a third party producer of 510 adaptors, RBA coil heads and RDTA pods for various devices and their latest RDTA Pods bare the name of their flagship RTA the Soulmate. The Soulmate RDTA Pod for the Drag S/X is one of these RDTA Pods giving a rebuildable option with true RDTA flavour, independent adjustable airflow and a leak resistant solution to the Drag X/S, this you can leave attached overnight without getting leakage unlike with the standard pods, let’s give it a look!

In The Box



1* Soulmate RDTA Pod
1* Extra Cap
2* Cotton
2* Coils
1* Screw Driver
1* Accessory Bag


Soulmate RDTA Pod For Drag S/X Specs and Features:

Deck Diameter: 15.5mm
Diameter: 26mm (widest point)
At Base: 24mm
Height: 38.75mm (short cap)
Height: 42.75mm (Higher profile cap)
Capacity: 3.5ml
Fit for: VOOPOO Drag X/S Mod Pod Kit
Deck detaches giving 510 threading
Independent Adjustable Airflow
Bottom Fill


Misleading the base it actually 24mm, the 15.5mm is the diameter of deck!

What You Receive?

You receive one complete Soulmate RDTA Pod with short cap pre-installed. You also receive a second cap which has the same bore but a couple of steps to give it a higher profile (this is the cap i preferred). You also receive Cotton and 2 MTL/RDL coils with no specs but are 2.5ID and came out at 0.4ohm which surprised me i was expecting around 0.7ohm. You also received another Blue screwdriver for the collection as well of course spare grub screws and O-rings, very happy with what is included!

It’s Various Parts

It wasn’t until after taking most of my photos and doing my build that i actually realised the deck unscrewed from the the central pole so it does breakdown more than my photos show.

Although apart from the top of the RDTA it looks very similar to the original pod which is one complete moulding the Soulmate breaks down into many parts which is also great for cleaning.

We have the Silver ring which while holding the cap/mouthpiece in place screws on to the deck and at the same time tightens all the parts together to give a sealed unit. Once this ring is removed the main PCTG tube is free to be removed and the top cap can be removed from the ring. Unknown to me at the time although out the box being tight the deck does unscrew from the central pole and the base also can get pushed up and removed.


The Caps

Both Caps have identical bores which are most suited for a medium/loose MTL or RDL vape. The only difference as mentioned is one has stepping giving it an higher profile.


Filling And Fitting

When looking at the base of the completed Soulmate RDTA we have the positive and negative surround which mimics the base of a PnP coil and the same 3 magnets and stud attached silicone fill plug, it really is just like looking at the base of the standard Drag S/X pod. The bung has the same flap that we see on the original pod which is easy to lift to pull the bung out revealing a very generous fill port plenty big enough for a quick, mess free fill, the RDTA pod holds 3.5ml of liquid.

Because the base of the RDTA Pod is the same as the standard pod it just fits in place inside the Drag S/X bay the same and fits just as securely. It also fits perfectly inside the Adapt PnP 510 adaptor so it can be used on standard devices!



Because the airflow no longer enters at the base of a PnP coil the airflow control on both the Drag S/X and Adapt PnP base (if using this) become completely redundant.

Instead the Soulmate has independent adjustable airflow in the form of dual slots. On either side of the deck we have a 2mm wide by 1mm in height slot and also on the cap we have the same size slot either side. When the slots on the cap are lined up with those on the side of the deck the airflow is fully open and then the cap can be turned to adjust. The airflow feeds through to be directed to hit the coil from both sides hitting the coil low down giving a combination of bottom and side airflow!


The Build

Ignore the fact the deck on my photos is attached to the central pole and i am doing the build with the use of the Adapt PnP base as it wasn’t until afterwards i found the deck actually unscrewed from the central section and has 510 threading to build on a standard device or tab, see below:


The only con i have for the deck and build is the screw heads are both flatheads and tiny but unlike some they are quite long so no issues with the screws falling out while doing the build which is a pro. We have two slot terminals at diagonals and the screws fasten down from above. Your leads can just be slotted into the terminal and held in place one at a time against the end of the slot so it doesn’t pop out while you fasten the screw down. Once fixed in position if needed use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to move the coil exactly where you want it, i lined it up so the airflow was hitting the lower side. Wicking is quite simple and your cotton ends could be a little shorter than in my photos but can also be longer, however you normally prefer to wick an RDTA will work fine!


My Major Con

I have given a few clues throughout but my major con is nothing to do with the Soulmate but that no instructions are included which made it harder work than it should of been. After doing the build the Silver ring and cap needs fitting to the deck before screwing the deck back on to the central pole with PCTG tube in place. If you screw the deck on first and then try to screw on the top section to complete the tank the cap just gets pushed up out of position, this caused me a nightmare until i worked it out but a simple diagram should of been included as until you know it isn’t that obvious!


How It Vapes And Thoughts!

As already mentioned my only major con for this is no instructions are included which because the tank needs assembling a specific way their really should of been but once i worked it out it’s a breeze to break down into it’s individual parts and reassemble.

The build despite having tiny scrub screws was very easy and it gets wicked just like any other RDTA. During use i had absolutely no issues with leaking or dry hits and had it in my pocket on it’s side when i went shopping which caused no flooding of the deck or leaking from the airflow slots.

I found this a great option not just for using with the Drag X but also with the Adapt PnP base and although it makes the airflow on both redundant the airflow on the Soulmate RDTA Pod starts where it leaves off using the standard pod with a RDL / loose MTL fully open and then it can be dialled down for a medium or medium tight MTL draw. As stock coils go the Voopoo PnP range are really good for flavour but the Soulmate is a reminder that you can achieve far better with a rebuildable option and the leak resistant design is yet another pro!

The only other petty con i have is i wish the cap had been designed to allow the fitting of a standard 510 but it’s comfortable enough and the bore suits the draw options the Soulmate offers!

The Soulmate worked perfectly with both the Drag X and when using with the Adapt PnP base and i just can’t see myself using the standard pod again!



Very well implemented RDTA Pod
Very Good quality product
Easy build
Adjustable airflow
From RDL to medium tight MTL draw options
Very good flavour
Experienced no leaking, flooding or dry hits
Easy, quick fill
Fits both Drag S/X and Adapt PnP base perfectly
2 caps included
Coils and Cotton included
3.5ml Capacity
Comfortable mouthpiece


No Instructions of any kind
Tiny flathead grub screws
Wish it would allow for the fitting of a standard 510 drip tip

I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the VXV Soulmate RDTA Pod for Drag S/X for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Coupon code for customers:
$9.99 VXV Soulmate RDTA Pod for Drag S/X
code: VXC

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sourcemore or benefit in any way from the use of the above code but was asked if i would include it in my content!


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Nicely done @Timwis, and I appreciate the cons list.