VT Flavors


Bull City has announced that they are now selling VT Flavors. Anyone know anything about them or the company? I couldn’t find a thing doing a web search.


Vape Train Australia

They are not remixes of existing flavours they are developed from scratch - I have tried several times via email and fb to get them to show themselves on elr and or answer a few questions - each time they have replied saying that they will jump onto elr but never have.


Thanks. Have you used any of these concentrates? I need more flavors like I need a hole in the head. But that never stopped me lol.


Lmao ya all in that boat i think - i have not yet used any of them. I have heard some mixed reviews on them , i suspect some are due to % used. Fizzy Sherbet has the best reviews so far (i think pixie sticks is the u.s equivalent) . There are a couple that interest me English Marmalade (if it is true flavour) and Bitters are on my radar but tbh i haven’t gone through their full line up yet.


I took the VT plunge with some 10 ml samples: Chocolate base- Mandarin- English Toffee- and Pineapple Juice. I’ll let you know what I think. Also threw in 3 of the FA Pazzo line to try.
I had no idea that VT was an Australian Co. Their “base” lines sparked my interest. How’s that for an excuse to buy mo flavuhs? :grin:


VT initial tests @ middle of recommend percentages for SF’s. Percentages are Cap or TFA ranges and published at Vape Train Australia.

Chocolate base- I like this a lot. No chemical or tootsie roll taste like so many others. Need time to play with it but this is promising. I made this again with a little FA Vienna cream, Madagascar, and touch of marshmallow. Very tasty but needs a little work. I’ve had a hard time with chocolate vapes so this may just satisfy my inner fat boy.

Mandarin- Supposed to be made from extract. Again pretty good but a mid throat hit that may or may not be bothersome in a recipe. Accurate Mandarin taste.

English Toffee- Again a good flavor without a chemical aftertaste or harshness. Claimed to be a good sweetener at low percentages and I can see this. I think this will mix well with others but kind of weak to me.

Pineapple Juice- Very strong chemical aftertaste and smell. Harsh. I’ll retest a but don’t have much hope for being able to use this.


I’ve continued experimenting with some Vape Train flavors and thought I’d post an update. Their 'base" flavors interested me most. I read a review that called them shortcuts and I believe the same.

Butter Base: I’ve used this with bakeries and also with butterscotch and caramel flavors. I like this better than TPA and Cap versions and find it a pretty realistic butter without any off notes. I would start @ 1% or less and work your way up. VTA recommends 1-5% in a mix and up to 9% SA. Can’t imagine SF at that.

Milkshake Base: This is very potent and I think “malt base” or “Ovaltine” would be a more accurate description. For me this was a pleasant surprise. I’ve been a fan of NF Malt for quite awhile. This is different but I think a much better flavoring than the malted milk flavors commonly used. I use this with various ice creams and beginning @.25 in some bakeries. I have yet to try this with chocolates but intend to try this also. I would start low and I would not recommend going over 2% in anything. This is a "shortcut’ to making good milkshake vapes. My favorite is 1.5% added to 4% LB Vanilla Ice Cream plus whatever.

Pudding Base: I like this a lot. This is very versatile and works as the name implies…,.,a basic 'yellow pudding that you can add just about anything to. I read one review that claimed a vanilla taste. I don’t taste vanilla at all. I’ve been using FLV Vanilla pudding and while I like that very much, I think this is both better and more versatile. Recommended @ 2-4% in a mix …6% SF. Generally I am using this from 4 to 6.5 %. Another ‘shortcut’ to making good vapes. Mixed Banana, butterscotch, chocolates, coconut, vanilla’s etc. and all have turned out . Still playing with them.


Thanks for the notes


Great work, thanks!


I had a conversation with Theo about the English Marmalade


I can see a use for this flavour but i was a bit pissed that i got strawberry from it - i have enough strawberry to last a lifetime. I wanted marmalade as per wiki - I saw the 3 fruits and expected 3 citrus. To be fair I have not vaped it yet just a water drop test and a smell off the knuckle. I doubt I will be using it much it left a waxy coating in my mouth after the taste test which tells me it has some added EM or sucralose.

Theo: (vt owner)

The English Marmalade is a 3 fruit blend which is designed to be use as an accent to create a marmalade ejuice of any of the popular 3 fruit marmalade blends. there is an entry level citrus, but our main focus was to inherit the sweetness and bend this into our marmalade of choice. The strawberry like is tasted is the marmalade sweetness and will be pronounced if used to high and come across as another flavour if not blended with other fruits.

Example how to use English Marmalade

English Marmalade 1%
Fairy Floss 2%
Your citrus fruit ( Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange etc… ) 2~ 5%
Citrus Mate 0.25%

For a ready finished orange marmalade we have the following;


Thanks for your feedback and review…

So don’t buy this expecting an orange marmalade


Slightly misleading…


Ya just a little - I thought I had the wrong flavour