Voorhees Customs 3D Printed RDA Stand Quick Look by SessionDrummer

I think it was @mjag who had posted some nice looking work from Voorhees, including some really nice looking 3D printed RDA stands. Well, I couldn’t NOT at least check them out. This wont be a full review, but a quick look. From the MFG …

RDA Stand/Display

Finally designed a 3D printed RDA stand to hold your RDA, RDTA, tanks ect. Then I realized there are so many sizes now days there is a need for variations so I designed two more. I added a groove in the base around the 510 to catch the annoying juice that likes to seep out of tanks so it will be contained and not run all over your desk. There are 3 total sizes that I can print in multiple colors see pictures for colors I have available and add color choice in order notes.

(Rainbow color filament is what was used for three in pictures printed big to small its a random color that changes as it prints so get what ever comes out at that time)

  • Original - 4x 24mm 3x 30mm $8.00
  • XL - 3x 30mm 2x 41mm $8.00
  • XXL 5x 24mm 4x 30mm 3x 41mm $13.00

I opted for the Original in brown with red base trim as shown on the product page.

It supported up to (4) 24mm, and (3) 30mm tanks/RDA’s. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I think I’m going to get a few more. Very nicely done, fairly inexpensive, and just plain worked, looked great, and helped clean up some piles of equipment, and did so with a very small footprint.

The company logo on front, and a nice red trimmed base layer …

Started by loading up the rear …

And then the front …

It was sturdy when loaded, and everything stood right where it should, and I couldn’t find fault with it. Nice little lips to catch any drips, if you accidentally put a NOT cleaned tank on it.

All in, it’s probably one of the best, cheapest investments you can make. And with tons of color options, and 3 sizes, you have lots of different possible choices.

As an added bonus, he threw in some damned funny, and nice addons in the package, including a keyring, stickers, AND, a coil cutting guide !!!

If you too, have a large pile of “stuff” and have wanted to clean it up a bit, I think the RDA Stands from Voorhees Customs will take care of your needs. He doesn’t just make stands, but also Custom Mods, Battery Wraps, Mod Doors, and much, MUCH more. Def. check out his site, and help spread the word.

Props out to @mjag.

Available Colors:


I saw these awhile back, and wondered how snug the holes are, where the thread’s drop into. It doesn’t look like their tapped, for screwing the the tank into place. Nice looking though, as are the mod’s he build’s! Thank’s for the rundown, SD :wink:


You’re welcome @whthek. The tanks “sit” in the holes, and are not threaded to screw in place. With that said, you don’t need them to. They’re just snug enough to keep them centered, but not soo snug that you have to fight getting them in/out of the unit. You can tell when you set the tanks in there, that he put some time and effort into the design.