Voopoo VMate Pro review


The VMate Pro is the latest in Voopoo’s ‘V Series’ line; while previous V Series products have been quite barebone devices, the VMate Pro is feature packed for a pod system.

Product overview

The VMate Pro is a 900mAh, 25w, auto-draw pod system, with adjustable airflow and power, that uses VMate 3ml pods.

What do you get?

  • VMate Pro Device
  • 1×0.7ohm pod
  • 1×1.2ohm pod
  • type-C USB charging cable

First impressions

For a 900mAh pod device with 3ml pods, the VMate Pro is quite short – this is achieved by giving it a little more width and depth than most similar pod devices.

The finish of the body is strange, it’s rippled – but it isn’t… You can see the ripples, but you can’t feel them. I know it sounds strange, but pick one up and look at it, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The bottom of the device has a rubber pad which is present on a lot of recent Voopoo devices, this is an excellent little detail, as it prevents the bottom of the device getting scratched and ugly.

The only thing I will complain about is that the USB charge port is on the bottom; I prefer to have devices upright while charging.


The 3ml pods are quite wide, but taper in so they remain comfortable in the mouth.

What I did find strange is that they both press-fit and magnetic; the pod is initially pulled into place by magnets and then secure using a press-fit system. This is the best of both worlds, magnetic pods just feel good to use, and press-fit pods are far less likely to have any looseness.

The pods are side-fill via a rubber bung, this is something that manufacturers have been getting better at, a couple of years ago I had pods that needed a knife or tweezers to open the fill-port, nowadays they are simple to open and secure – the VMate pods are no exception.


The small slider on the front of the device makes adjusting the airflow quite easy, as a personal preference I prefer stepped airflow, but this style still works very well.

The airflow goes from a reasonably tight (for a pod system) MTL draw to a nice open MTL draw – it’s all MTL though.

Having adjustable airflow on a small pod system is a wonderful thing, for me it’s more important than adjustable power.


The device turns on as expected with five clicks, but then things become a little strange…

When the device is on, five clicks does not turn it off, it gives you a three option menu – lock/puff count clear and power off – you switch between each option with quick presses of the button and confirm your choice with a long press.

Pressing the button once, will switch between two UI modes – mode one displays battery level as a percentage and bar, power, voltage and resistance, mode two displays the same for battery plus puff count and total puff time in minutes.

But…when you actually vape it switches to a third mode which displays puff count, last puff duration in seconds and total vaping time in minutes.

To adjust the power, you need to be in mode one and hold the button until the power starts flashing, then hold it again to increase in one watt increments to 25w and round-robin back to 5w. While the power is adjustable, the device has a smart feature that won’t allow you go above the maximum recommended wattage for each pod.

There’s also a child-lock function, that activates if the device isn’t used for five minutes – three clicks will unlock it.

Two points worth noting:

  • The button is not a fire button, it’s for settings only, the device is exclusively auto-draw.
  • The UI seems overly complicated, but unless you care about total vaping time in minutes etc, the only things you need are how to turn it on/off, how to adjust the power, and how to unlock it.


Battery life is excellent, especially when using the 1.2ohm pod – I got two full pods (6ml total) from 100% charge, with plenty of battery to spare, if I was careful with power levels then I could probably get three full pods of vaping out of one charge.

When charging the display changes; you get the battery level as a percentage, a flashing bar to show its charging and how many minutes left until it is fully charged.

As with recent Voopoo products, the VMate Pro does not support pass-through charging, you’re not going to be able to use it while it’s charging.

How does it perform?

  • 0.7ohm pod - I started with this pod at 15w and it felt a little under-powered, so I pushed it up to 18w with the airflow fully open and was rewarding with thick vapor, strong flavor and a satisfying throat hit. Taking it up to 20w made the flavor slightly stronger, but it wasn’t necessary.
  • 1.2ohm pod - At 10-12w this is perfect MTL pod vaping. Keep the power low, close the airflow down and it’s excellent. I tried this pod with both pastry and tobacco juices, main and sub flavors were easy to distinguish, and the throat hit was very good.

Neither of these pods have leaked or shown signs of losing flavor.

I won’t comment too much on the ‘icosm code’ features of Voopoo’s new coils/pods, because I prefer to focus on vape quality rather than technological features that I don’t understand, but I do know their new PnP X coils are excellent, as are the VMate pods and I’ve been enjoying them a lot.


What I like the most about the VMate Pro is that it deals with the entire range of MTL vaping very well, nothing feels like a compromise.

I’ll go so far as to say, if I had to choose one pod device to use as my only vape for the next year, it would be this one.

Is it perfect? No, but it’s closer to perfect that anything else I’ve used.


The VMate Pro was supplied for this review by Voopoo.