Voopoo Vinci SE Review


The last pod system I used that was as simple as the Voopoo Vinci SE was the Uwell Yearn Neat 2, a decent little pod system that was let down by its flimsy materials - seeing as Voopoo’s products are usually well made, this shouldn’t be an issue for the Vinci SE.

Product overview

The Voopoo Vinci SE is a 900mAh pod system, with a 2ml top-fill pod, alloy body and auto-draw.

What do you get?

The pod system, 1×0.8ohm pod and a type-C USB charging cable.

Just one pod doesn’t do it for me, from a customer’s perspective I’d much rather pay twice as much and get something like this with five or six pods included.

However, the Vinci SE is compatible with a lot of other Voopoo pod systems, so getting more pods shouldn’t be an issue.

First impressions

  • It’s small - at 93mm tall, it’s a little taller than a regular sized lighter with the pod attached.
  • It feels good - the Vinci SE feels high quality and solid, it’s a nice thing to have in your hand.
  • It looks good - it has subtle design details making it look interesting without being ostentatious.


The 2ml pod clips into place without magnets and feels very secure, filling the pod is simple - remove the anti-bacterial mouthpiece to gain access to the membrane covered top-fill port, due to a tiny pressure release hole on the opposite side, leaks are unlikely.

During the week or so that I’ve been testing this pod system, there have been no leaks and neither am I getting any loss of flavor.

The Vinci SE is compatible with pods from the Vinci pod, Vinci Q, Drag Nano 2 and Vinci pod royal edition.


There really isn’t much to the Vinci in regards to operating it - charge it, fill it, vape it - there’s no fire button, this is an auto-draw only device.

The GENE chip offers the usual protections, and constant output and shows battery level via an LED battery indicator on the front.

Power is fixed, with an 11-15w stated output - this will depend on if you’re using the supplied 0.8ohm pod, or the optional 1.2ohm pod.

How does it perform?

This is where a lot of pod systems struggle to stand out - vape quality from pod systems such as the Caliburn, Xros, Xlim etc are quite similar - they all taste good, they all last well, and the Vinci SE is no different, it gives accurate and strong flavor and works well with all PG/VG juice ratios that I tested in it.


I have mixed feelings about having fixed airflow, of course having adjustable airflow is a good thing, however once I’ve found my desired setting, I tend to set it and forget it.

For the pod I was using, the power of the device and my juice, the airflow was spot on, it’s a semi-loose MTL draw - nowhere near restricted DL, but certainly not the tightest MTL draw.


Having the USB port on the side rather than on the bottom is very nice to see, it’s a small thing - but it does allow you to charge the Vinci while it is upright.

Battery life is impressive, 900mAh in such a small device is nice, and the GENE chip seems to do a good job of providing a constant output every when the LED indicator shows low battery.


This is something that usually doesn’t concern me in reviews, unless something is really cheap or really expensive - in this case, I’m seeing the Vinci SE on a couple of websites for $16-17, this makes the ‘one pod only’ situation far more acceptable and the package in general a much more justifiable purchase.


This is the simple part for me, if you want a simple and well made device that performs well without having to care about settings, then the Vinci SE is a great choice, if you require adjustable everything, then other options may be more suitable.


The Vinci SE was provided by Voopoo for the purposes of this review.


Nicely done @I_aint_Joe, and I appreciate your candor regarding the fixed airflow.

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