Voopoo M100S/Drag 4 Review


Is the Voopoo M100S the Drag 4 Solo? I’m confused because the website says M100S & Drag 4, and it looks/functions like the Drag 4. Maybe different names for different markets, but either way here’s the review.

Product overview

The M100S Kit is comprised of the M100S mod, a single 21700/18650 100w mod and the Uforce L, a 5.5ml top-airflow tank that takes Voopoo’s PnP coils.

What do you get?

  • M100S Mod
  • Uforce L tank (fitted with 5.5ml bubble glass)
  • Spare 5.5ml bubble glass
  • 18650 adapter
  • 1×0.2ohm TW20 PnP coil
  • 1×0.1.5ohm TW15 PnP coil
  • Type-C USB cable + spares

First impressions

The M100S looks and feels very much like you’d expect a single battery Drag 4 to look and feel, it will take up to a 30mm atomizer, although I can’t think of any 30mm atomizers that I’d be running on a single battery mod.

The mod that I was sent came in a wood/brass color scheme, which is kinda steampunk-esque and looks quite striking, there are of course other colors available.

Despite looking like it might be a C-frame mod, the M100S has a bottom-hinged battery door, this was a slight disappointment, mainly because the C-frame design on the Drag 4 made me so damn happy.

Another difference from the Drag 4 is that the screen isn’t quite as bright At first I assumed there was a screen protector in place, however this doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not that it’s too dark, but when you compare them side by side, you can notice the difference.

Overall, the mod is attractive and feels well built. I use my Drag 4 on a regular basis, so I’m hoping the M100S will be just as durable.

There’s not much to say about the tank, I’ve already reviewed it on other devices and it’s a very standard and inoffensive looking top-airflow stock-coil tank.

Mod functions

The chipset performs identically in the Drag 4, so I will cut/paste some content from that review:

In its default settings, five clicks turns the mod on/off and up+down accesses the menu.

From the menu you can choose your mode from smart mode, RBA mode (standard wattage mode), Eco mode and temp control. You can also change the UI color, reset the puff counter and change the function of the aforementioned switch.

The switch can be set to full device lock, wattage lock and power on/off. When it is set to power on/off, five clicks no longer turns the device on/off, but three clicks will lock the device – in other modes three clicks does nothing.

It’s an intuitive chipset to use, it doesn’t offer a lot of customization – but it is very easy to use.

The programmable switch on the front is a such a small but excellent detail, I set mine to power on/off because it’s a far more natural process than messing around with five clicks.


Again, this is the same as the tank that comes with the Drag 4 kit, so I will copy/paste some content from my Drag 4 review:

  • 0.2ohm TW20 - This coil is rated 40-55w. From 40-45w, the flavor is a little underwhelming, but as soon as you reach 50w the flavor is good – push it to the max recommended 55w and everything steps up a couple of levels with crisp and strong flavor. This is a coil that deserves to be pushed hard and rewards you for doing so. Fully open was a little too airy for this coil, close it down about a third and it’s perfect, the only negative point for this coil is that vapor production is merely average.
  • 0.15ohm TW15 - This coil is rated 55-70w. As with the previous 0.2ohm coil, the TW15 responds very well at the top of its recommended wattage range. It has the same crisp flavor that I found with the previous coil, just with a little more vapor production.

PnP coils have been around for a while, but the above coils are certainly not the same as those that came with the original Drag X three or so years ago. They have the same type of crisp flavor, but more and better.

The issue with PnP coils was never the flavor, the issue was leaking. This is where the Uforce L shines, it’s top-airflow – it’s not going to leak.

The only issue I can imagine with these coils and the M100S is if you run the 0.15ohm coil at 70w with an 18650 battery, the battery isn’t going to last that long or perform that well. With the 0.2ohm coil or with a 21700 battery, there shouldn’t be any issues.


As with the Drag 4, the M100S will be available as a standalone purchase, a kit with the Uforce L tank and the tank is available as a standalone purchase.

It’s a decent enough kit, for those who like stock-coil tanks and the tank on its own is a decent and leak-free option for those who like PnP coils.

However, the mod is the standout element of this kit, it looks and feels good, the chipset performs well, the programmable switch is useful and it takes up to 30mm atomizers.


The M100S Kit was sent for the purposes of this review by Voopoo.


Nice looking mod @I_aint_Joe.

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Well written review! Thanks @I_aint_Joe

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