VOOPOO Drag X Plus Mod

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Drag X Plus Mod from Voopoo. The VOOPOO Drag X Plus Mod was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.




The Voopoo Drag X Plus is a single 21700 version of the Drag X but rather than a proprietary pod connection it has a standard 510 plate and threaded connection up top so a standard 21700 device. The Drag X Plus is basically identical in design to the Drag X other than the standard 510 which also means no airflow control. The device has a choice of 2 user interfaces identical to those on the Drag Max.

The Drag X Plus is a simple power only device offering both smart and RBA (standard variable wattage) modes which can be easiest distinguished apart from the colour of the display. Although the Drag X Plus is very much a standard device version of the Drag X how the device is navigated and it’s display is 100% identical to the Drag Max with just a lower max wattage but then the Drag X and Drag Max operating systems are so very similar anyway!

Although in my opinion the constant releasing of almost identical devices and lack of both creativity and innovation is something very evident those that prefer continuity will like the familiarity with other Voopoo devices! It’s up to you!

In The Box



1* VOOPOO Drag X Plus Mod
1* 18650 Adaptor
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Drag X Plus comes in cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve. The device is quite light at 133g despite having a solid Zinc Alloy construction. The padded spine comes in a choice of 2 leather or 3 Suede finishes with “DRAG X PLUS” embossed into it.

The main chassis is either Gunmetal or Silver depending on your spine choice and it borrows it’s design from the Drag X. I received the Prussian Blue version which has a Prussian Blue Suede spine and Silver chassis, the options are Classic, Sandy Brown, Marsala, Smoky Grey or Prussian Blue.

Up top slightly towards the rear we have a slightly raised 510 plate and Gold plated, spring loaded 510 connection. On the face we have a Round concave fire button top then central colour screen, below the screen lined up vertically we have smaller round navigational buttons followed by a Type C USB port.

The rounded form factor, padded spine and concave fire button makes the device ergonomically sound, feeling comfortable in the hand and in use!


Drag X Plus Specs and Features:

Size: 883529mm
Weight: 133g
Power Range: 5-100W
Input Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
Battery: Single external 21700/18650 battery (not included)
Material: Zinc Alloy & Leather
Screen: 0.96 inch TFT screen
Advanced GENE FAN 2.0 chip
5V/2A type-c fast charging
SMART mode and RBA mode
2 different UI
Thread: 510
Colours: Classic, Sandy Brown, Marsala, Smoky Grey, Prussian Blue


Fitting The Battery

The Drag X Plus will accommodate either a single 21700 or with the use of the supplied adaptor an 18650 which gets fitted via the hatch door on the base of the device. Just slide the door forward and lift up, positive is clearly labelled at the bottom of the tube but negative is just embossed on the underside of the door, this needs to be more visible in my opinion!

When the door is shut we have no movement or battery rattle whatsoever, a really nice solid door but like all these bottom hatch doors only time will tell how durable it really is, but seems fine!


The Display

The Drag X Plus has a large colour display with plenty of information on show. You also have the choice of two different user interfaces both of which operate the same way and give the same information but have a different visual appearance.


The default display has “DRAG” top left and then top right we have the horizontally positioned battery status bar. Underneath to the left we have the wattage and to the top right of the wattage the mode which will either be “S” for Smart or “R” for RBA, if the device is locked a closed padlock is displayed instead but you can tell which mode you are in by the colour of accents on the display which are Yellow in Smart Mode and Cyan in RBA Mode. Next we have the puff count then below to the right the resistance. Moving to the left we have the voltage and below puff duration, finally at the bottom of the display we have a curved puff duration progress graphic.


The alternative user interface is read by having the device on it’s side. Centre top we have the horizontally positioned battery status bar and centre bottom “DRAG”. The vape duration progress graphic on this interface forms a circle positioned centrally and within that circle we have the wattage. To the right of the circle we have the mode and to the left either a closed or open padlock. Top left we have the puff count and bottom left the resistance, finally top right is vape duration and bottom right voltage.


Navigating The Drag X Plus

The Drag X Plus is a simple power only device but does have two modes, Smart Mode and RBA Mode. Smart Mode will give a suitable wattage when a new resistance is detected and will also only allow the wattage to be adjusted up to what the device deems as the suitable upper limit for that resistance, i said resistance rather than coil head because even if using a rebuildable tank it still gives an initial suitable wattage and upper limit. RBA mode really is just normal variable wattage giving no smart wattage and allows wattage adjustment from 5w right up to 100w so no limits!


As normal the device can be turned on and off with 5 clicks of the fire button and once on up and fire locks the whole device so it also will not fire. I just don’t get the point of this because if i want the device not to fire i can just turn it off but what i do want is to just be able to lock the navigational buttons which can’t be done without locking the whole device.

To change between modes is 3 quick clicks of the fire button and fire and down together resets your puff count. Finally holding down both the up and down buttons gives the choice of two different user interfaces, the default which is called Iron and also Core which is viewed with the screen on it’s side. You use one of the navigational buttons to pick which interface you want and then holding down the fire button selects. The wattage adjusts in 1W increments at a decent speed from 5w to 100w (in RBA mode) but doesn’t round robin!



10s Overtime Protection
Over-current Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Overcharge Protection
Max Power Protection
Over-temperature Protection



The Drag X Plus has Type C USB for data transfer and supports charging up to 2A. While charging the percentage of charge is given but no estimated charge time left, overall good feedback! Via the Type C USB cable the Drag X Plus also supports firmware upgrades but not passthrough vaping!


My Thoughts!

I personally am starting to get a bit cynical over the constant rehashing of the same designs that offer nothing new under the bonnet, if no innovation then at least produce a design that doesn’t look like the tens of devices you have already released, an exaggeration i know but i doubt i am the only one who just gets the feeling of Groundhog Day when not only Voopoo but also Geekvape release a new product. But after saying that this is a damn fine looking mod that comes in some nice spine options and is also quite light and very ergonomic.

Again the Gene chip for me doesn’t have that wow factor anymore, it just doesn’t seem to of advanced in performance since the original Drag while other proprietary chipsets have caught up but again after saying that a great chip doesn’t become a bad chip and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it’s performance and is certainly not underpowered!

So i will try a different approach and block out the other recent releases from Voopoo and judge this on it’s own merits and to be honest i really can’t find much wrong apart from i would like a clearer battery orientation marking on the underside of the hatch door, wish when setting the wattage it round robin, and my only real issue is when taking a vape from the screen being timed out it does give a slight delay and with the screen timing out every 30 seconds it did become irritating at times!

Apart from when firing from the screen being timed out the Drag X Plus fires without delay hitting set wattage instantly, as mentioned a great chip doesn’t become a bad chip! and the buttons are all nice and clicky which will please those that like a nice clicky fire button!

I like the amount of information on the display and also that you have the choice of two different user interfaces, i also love that it has a choice between Smart or RBA modes and the device is so simple to operate. The device is on the smaller side when it comes to 21700 devices which is another plus and for those needing to charge in the device we have both type C and a 2A charge rate but it doesn’t support passthrough! The Drag X Plus can also support surprisingly big atomizers while smaller ones don’t look out of place, 28mm will overhang out to the bevelled edging but not the device itself so will look fine to all apart from those that suffer OCD big time, likewise the plate is slightly raised to protect the mods service which does cause very slight gapping with larger tanks but will not concern most!

One last thing for the cons is that when locking the navigational buttons the device will not fire which to me is quite pointless!

My misgivings about the lack of originality and innovation are my hang ups so don’t let that put you off if you like the look of this device and it meets your requirements, it is a very good single 21700 option!



Good build quality
Very nice looking
5 nice spine options
Light and ergonomic
Small and compact
21700 or 18650
Gene Chip Fires without delay with instant ramp up (see cons for exception)
Simple power only device
Smart and RBA (standard variable wattage) modes
Choice of user interfaces
Can fit up to 28mm atomizers
Nice clicky buttons
Accommodates large atomizers (up to 28mm)
Type C USB
2A charge rate
Firmware upgradeable


Slight firing delay from timed out screen
Fire button also locks when locking navigational buttons
Wattage adjustment doesn’t round robin
Wish negative orientation on underside of hatch door was more visible
Lack of design originality
Doesn’t support passthrough
No TC (only a con for TC users pro for many)

I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Voopoo Drag X Plus Mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


$25.99 - VOOPOO Drag X Plus Mod
Code: DXPM

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sourcemore or benefit in any way from the use of the above code but was asked if i would include it in my content!


Good review @Timwis

I have two of these mods and have had them for some time. They are certainly a good looking mod, are small and light, and with a 21700 last all day for me.

I have had sporadic resets on both of mine in both smart mode and RBA mode. The device just resets the wattage to what it thinks the coil needs rather than what I have set it too. This can get annoying and definitely have to check it when picking the device up.

If you upgrade the firmware through VooPoo’s website, you get a TC mode as well as smart/RBA. The setting seem fairly accurate and the mode seems to work ok, not as good as some but not bad at all. This is the mode I use most of the time on both of mine as it seems to minimise the reset issue from above. The screen colour for the TC mode is lime green.

Battery door has been fine so far, as said I have had mine for a while and the door still shuts securely and there is no rattles from the battery. The finish on the whole mod is wearing well, no obvious wear and tear after extended usage.

The lack of ability to just lock the adjustment buttons is annoying, care should be taken to check your setting after being in pockets etc if not turned off. Not a fan of the set screen colours, would prefer the ability to change for what i like / suits the mod colour.

On the whole, this is a good mod that has a few niggling issues. Not my first choice in my daily rotation, especially if going out, but ok around the house and as a back up mod for me.


Thanks for the info about TC etc, i used it in RBA mode rather than Smart so had no issues with wattage resetting so that’s informative information!


I have commented all the other places i have posted this review with the TC information, thanks again! :+1:


Photo if you need it…


Can’t add the photo to comments on the reddit posts or at least i have never worked out how but thanks off to add the evidence photo to forum review threads before someone say’s oy Wiseman no photo your talking bollocks!


Your hand and knee is now on ECF, Vaping Underground, Ecigssa and UKVapers! :sunglasses:


Well done, Tim!


That came up whthek replying for about 10 minutes, i was bracing myself for loads of questions lol!


Yeah, lol, I was trying to explain my thoughts on the different types of lockout features and the words weren’t flowing so I erased all of it and just left the few that made sense :man_shrugging:


That sounds my experience with reviews, in my head i have the best damn well worded flowing review ever known but it just doesn’t transfer to type however much i try until i get brain ache so end up just posting it far from satisfied!


You get your point across, that’s what matters. I’m tired and my ‘word salad’ would have left you scratching your head :upside_down_face:


Nicely done @Timwis. Great pics, and a solid list of P’s and C’s that covered everything.


Great review. Excellent and very informative. Top job.