Voopoo Drag S2 & Drag X2


As Voopoo’s latest two releases the Drag X2 and Drag S2 are very similar, it seems sensible to cover them both with one review and see how they compare with each other.

Product overview

  • Drag X2 The Drag X2 is a single 18650, 80w pod mod system, with a 5ml top-airflow pod that uses Voopoo’s PnP coils.
  • Drag S2 The Drag S2 is an internal 2500mAh battery, 60w pod mod system, with a 5ml top-airflow pod that uses Voopoo’s PnP coils.

What do you get?

  • Drag X2
  • Drag X2 device
  • 1x0.15ohm PnP coil
  • 1x0.3ohm PnP coil
  • type-C USB cable
  • Drag S2
  • Drag S2 device
  • 1x0.2ohm PnP coil
  • 1x0.3ohm PnP coil
  • type-C USB cable

Getting the 0.2ohm coil instead of the 0.15ohm coil with the S2 is to be expected, the S2 has a max output of 60w, and the 0.15ohm coil is rated for 60-80w.

First impressions

The aesthetics of the X2 and S2 will be very familiar with users of previous Drag pod mod devices, there’s minimal branding, the buttons are clicky and responsive, everything feels solid and well put together.

The S2 being an internal battery device, obviously has no battery door to deal with – however the X2 had an unexpected and wonderful surprise for me – it has a C-frame battery door. Unless you’re going for an IP rating, C-frame battery doors are a great choice.

The vegan leather hand grip has different patterns depending on which color mod you choose, for me the diamond pattern on my gradient green to blue S2 looks particularly nice.

Mod functions

Five clicks to turn on/off, up+fire to completely lock the device, up+ down to enter the settings mode.

From the settings mode you can choose from Smart, Eco and RBA modes, reset the puff counter and check your firmware version.

The screen is large and clear, displaying battery level as both a bar and percentage, mode, wattage, resistance, volts, puff counter and puff duration. The wattage font much larger than everything else which seems like a sensible choice.

I don’t need a lot of options, but I would have liked to have seen the ability to change UI color and the ability to lock power adjustment, while keeping the fire button unlocked.


Sure, the pod could have been more tank-like, a PnP version of the Uforce L-Tank would have been excellent, with a removable drip-tip and top-fill, but that’s not the point of a pod mod and if that’s what you want then the Drag M100 with 510 connection and the Uforce L-Tank would be a better choice.

As a pod tank, the mouthpiece is comfortable and the filling system is both easy and mess-free.


The upside of top-airflow is more leak prevention, however the downside when you have a pod that is secure magnetically, is that when adjusting the AFC ring one-handed, the pod just rotates and you adjust nothing. It’s not a big deal, but you do need one hand gripping the pod and the other rotating the AFC ring.


The 2500mAh internal battery S2 charges remarkably quickly, but you do have to be aware of how much power you are using and how this affects battery drain. Using the 0.2ohm coil at 45-50w gives much more battery life than using the same coil at 55-60w.

While, it uses different coils and an 18650 battery, you have to think in the same way about using the X2 with the 0.15ohm battery, use it from 60-70w and it will last a long time, push it to 75-80w and it’s going to drain quickly.

One thing to note in regards to battery drain is that these coils can be kept below their max recommendation levels and still perform excellently – but more of that in the performance section.

The S2 does not support pass-through charging.


  • PnP 0.3ohm - this coil is rated for 32-40w and performs well with airflow closed about 50%, while the flavor is good, this is the one supplied coil that made me miss not being able to change drip-tip. There is an MTL pod (available in some markets) and I have the feeling this coil might suit that pod very well.
  • PnP 0.2ohm + PnP 0.15ohm I’ll put these two together, because they perform in a very similar way, just at different wattages. More importantly, they are both really excellent coils. The flavor and vapor production are something you’d expect from a stock-coil tank with huge coils, not comparatively small PnP coils. There’s no need to push them hard, run the 0.2ohm at 45-50w and the 0.15 at 65-70w and they both perform really well.
  • PnP X technology this is something that is claimed to reduce leaking and give 100ml vaping lifespan. Apart from slight condensation, I haven’t seen anything even close to leaking. As for the 100ml lifespan, I haven’t put the coils through anywhere near 100ml, but I’m about five or six tanks into the 0.15 and 0.2ohm coils and they are giving very consistent flavor.


Both of these pod mods exceeded my expectations, there’s no one single game changing feature, all the little details, improvements over previous models and the excellent coils make both devices really enjoyable.

But which one am I going to be using the most? For me, I will be using the Drag S2, it’s slightly smaller and doesn’t require messing around with batteries. However, if I was using one as an only or main device, I’d go for the Drag X2.


The Drag X2 and S2 were provided for the purposes of this review by Voopoo.


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