Voopoo Drag H40


On the surface, the Drag H40 pod mod is just an entry-level model in a long line of Drag pod mods using PnP coils.

However, PnP coils are tasty and I’m rarely disappointed with Voopoo’s recent product lines, so I was eager to test the H40.

Product overview

The Drag H40 is an internal 1500mAh, 40w pod mod, that uses the new(ish) 5ml PnP Pod II.

What do you get?

  • Drag H40 Pod Mod
  • 1×0.45ohm PnP VM3 coil (installed)
  • 1×0.30ohm PnP TW30 coil
  • type-C charging cable

First impressions

When I first saw images of the H40 and learned that it is an entry-level model, I was expecting a lot of plastic and general cost cutting. This is not the case, the H40 uses zinc alloy and leather – there’s nothing about it that feels cheap.

It’s nicely compact as far as pod mods are concerned, with larger 18650/21700 pod mods, I end up thinking ‘if it’s this size, I might as well have a mod+tank’.

While the new pod is a huge improvement aesthetically over the previous PnP pod, it’s still very much an all plastic pod. However, if having something made of glass/metal is important to you, there are a number of Voopoo kits that come with tanks and use exactly the same coils.


The chipset in the H40 is pretty much what you’d expect from a Voopoo pod mod;

  • Five clicks on/off
  • RBA and Smart modes. (Smart mode restricts wattage based on resistance, RBA mode doesn’t)
  • Lock/unlock
  • Puff counter reset


The PnP Pod II isn’t revolutionary, but it’s certainly an improvement over the original PnP pod.

5ml juice capacity is good, especially when you consider it’s smaller than most 2ml MTL RTAs.

The side-fill system is convenient and clean.

However, what made me smile the most is the fact that you can use standard 510 drip-tips – I’m drip-tip obsessed and find them a wonderful way to fine tune a vape.


The airflow is adjusted by rotating the entire pod, which in turn rotates a metal ring inside the mod opening/closing two airflow slots. It looks like a very basic system, but when you see how it’s engineered, it’s impressive and a nice attention to detail.

Fully closed the airflow would be suitable for reasonably tight MTL, especially when combined with an MTL drip-tip.

Fully open, I consider the airflow to be open DL, with a little restriction. It’s not as open as you might need for some of the lower resistance PnP coils – but on a 40w device this is unlikely to be an issue.

Coil compatibility

Theoretically, the H40 is compatible with all PnP coils. Back in reality, it’s a 40w device so you won’t want to be vaping at much over 30w if you want your battery any chance of lasting the day.

How does it perform?

  • 0.45ohm PnP VM3 - this coil is rated for 25-35w, I found my sweet-spot to be 26-28w, with a narrow bore drip-tip and airflow closed down a little. It could be suitable for very loose MTL, but treat it as a very restrictive DL coil and it’s excellent. Nice punchy flavor and an overall nice vape.
  • 0.30ohm PnP TW30 - this coil is rated for 28-36w and you’ll get the best out of it from 32-36w. This coil is far more suitable for vapor production than the VM3 and works well with airflow fully open. It’s the better choice for DL rather than restricted DL, my only concern is battery life when using this coil at 35w on a 40w device.

Does it leak?

This is the most important question with all PnP devices, they’ve always had good flavor and there’s always been the possibility of leaking.

There’s a little internal moisture present after a day of full use, but nothing overly concerning.

PnP coils have improved a lot over the last few years, my way of thinking about them has always been;

  • Wipe under the coil every morning.
  • When you feel the coil losing its flavor, swap it out early.
  • Don’t leave the pod in the mod for extended periods of time without use. (I tend to remove the pod overnight)

Overall, I wouldn’t consider the small amount of moisture present to be enough of an issue to put me off the H40.


There are better performing PnP devices from Voopoo – the Drag 4 Kit and the M100S use dual 18650s and a single 21700 respectively and come with the excellent U Force L tank, but this is where the H40 plays two trump cards.

  • It’s small. Small enough to live in a pocket, the above mentioned devices aren’t.
  • It’s cheap. I’ve seen it for about $22 online, so it’s half the price of the M100S and Drag 4 kit.


The H40 is reasonably priced and compact, while maintaining the quality of higher prices devices.

If you need higher output for lower resistance coils, look elsewhere – but if 25-3w is your thing, then the H40 is a choice worth considering.


The Drag H40 was provided for the purposes of this review by Voopoo.


Good write-up, @I_aint_Joe , Thanks :+1:


Good write up @I_aint_Joe.

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