Voopoo Argus XT

Ok so today I’m going to be doing a bit of a run down on the VOOPOO Argus XT kit
Which was kindly suggested I be the one to give my blunt honest opinion.

My previous experience with the Voopoo products from the few products I have I must admit haven’t been the most amazing things I’ve seen to be put bluntly. They function well especially Doric 60, but i was not fond of the drag X pro TPP pod at all for one pure reason… The coils were too short-lived, so I brought myself so I searched for a suitable RBA head, voopoo own wasnt very good in my opinion, however mechlyfe has done a pretty awesome MTL variant. But that’s good thing these days, there a lot of companies doing 3rd party accessories.
Before I get completely lost in what I’m supposed to be talking about lets get straight onto the main device itself. The XT…
Inside the kit:
• Argus XT Device
• 6.5ml Maat Tank (highlighted new)
• Spare Glass
• 18650 battery tube
• User Manual
• Type-C cable
• TPP-DM1 0.15ohm rated 60-80w
• TPP-DM2 0.2ohm rated 40-60W
• Pack of O-rings & accessories

• 3A charge output
• 18650/21700 single cell device
• 5 to 100 Watts
• Maximum voltage output 8.4V
• Tank capacity of a standard edition is a 6.5 or 2ml TPD edition… Off course there’s a TPD edition… Maat tank compatible with another to TPP coils However only one of them I would use for this device which is the DM4 0.3ohm rated 32-40w (sold separately)


From First Glance:

when I say from first glance I mean and literally first glance this is a big device, straight away you know it going to be a very heavy to he kind of reminds me of Terminator exoskeleton this thing is massive and it’s got a tonne of stuff on it, it looks rough and rugged but super shiny, I Really need to invest in the set of scales just to weigh it to help you understand just how heavy this thing is…

Lets get a little technical starting from the tank:

From the top you have nice 810 drip nice & tightly secured,
The refill port is completely exposed by a quarter of a turn from the top cap after the removal of the entire top cap itself, it sounds a little bit crunchy and very tight when removing it however doing it this way does leave you with all the room you need for a large style gorilla. Upon opening the top cap one thing you see straight away is the juice ports both of which have extremely small holes in so if you’re one of them people that use them needle tip e-liquid bottles they are going to fit straight in without any kind of issue.
The inside of the Chamber has massive juice which leaves saturation of the coils pretty much a guarantee almost all time provided there’s enough juice in the tank. Which I must admit was a bit of a worry for me considering my last experience with the TPP coils with the Drag X pro. That’s partially why I’ve left this review as late as I have…
There is absolutely tons of airflow…
And it’s very easy to adjust the kind of lever on the side which even has little measurements of their flow and how you can adjust it which is a pretty cool touch.


The installation of the coils is pretty bog standard and is very simple, literally unscrew the base of the tank.
Prime your coil (drip some e-liquid on exposed cotton from sides & from the top) ,
install into chamber (feed from bottom of glass section & push up if your relatively new to coil installation),
Screw base of tank back on.
If you are relatively new to this kind of device There are various videos about coil installation on YouTube for a multitude of devices & you can always ask a member of any vaping community most people are really helpful.

The Mod:

Aesthetically device is absolutely gorgeous is very big for a single 21700 / 18 650 and also very heavy, fix a 28 mm RDA without any issue I haven’t tried big up because I don’t have any bigger RDA’s to go on top.
One of the things I’ve noticed there’s kind of what looks to be a kind of a lanyard considering the weight of the device in my hand with a 21700 I would imagine that might give you a little bit of neck pain if that is what its for.
Nice solid Realish feel handgrip with the Argus XT Sign on
One of the great features to this device is the button layout system, from the top of the MOD what you have is a locking system
Right = full lock
Central = device fully open
Left = wattage lock/ fire only

Up/down button that are on the screen panel
Are easy enough to press independently or as pair making it easy enough to access the menu’s.

Under up/ down button looks to be another button on the bottom… It isn’t… Its actually a flip out 3A USB-C Port… I must admit I felt bit of a prat pressing it for 5min questioning ‘what the f*** does this do? ‘ :joy:
I do NOT recommend charging batteries in USB port regularly… However If you need emergency quick charge if your our out I probably would use it.


Modes consist of smart mode – which automatically changes the devices wattage to coil being used, i would advise for stock coil tanks,
RBA – Which allows full spectrum wattage availability… I would recommend with rebuildable units personally you could run with sub-ohm however you don’t have that safe margin to keep coil at recommended wattages
Turbo- I’m going to be honest I don’t really know how to explain turbo mode… i suppose a kind of a power boost
TC (temperature control) – which consists of following 3 sub modes
ti – titanium
Ni – nickel
SS – stainless steel
With 3 memory modes to save settings
Settings – puff counter, display time & brightness about device - chip information /serial numbers etc

Pros & Cons:
• Right now I’m sitting on close to 1300 puffs on the 0.2 ohm coil, which compared to my previous experience with the TPP coils is a lot more, perhaps I just got a dodgy batch with my last ones which kind of put me off, that right now I’ve been sitting steady at 55 Watts which is the highest recommendation for this coil all the way through and it doesn’t taste that is got any signs to be on it’s way out either (for record i can’t remember if they were exact same coil sizes from Maat tank & TPP pod)
• Ip67 rated so water proof shockproof all that jazz.
• The massive juice flow chamber is a huge help
• The airflow switch is absolutely fantastic I find it easy to move easily accessible.
• The device locking mechanism is absolutely fantastic I must admit I really like how the on off button is situated, means I can still with one hands control you are up and as well as control the without having to p*** ass about with different hands
• I love how the usb-c port been covered.
• Feels very sturdy
• Choice between 18650/21700 always good i suppose
• Maat Tank has few coil options
TPP-DM1 0.15ohm Coil – 60w – 80w(i wouldnt recommend in 18650 or 21700)
TPP-DM2 0.2ohm Coil – 40w – 60w
TPP-DM3 Mesh 0.15Ohm: 80 – 100W (not recommended in 21700 battery)
TPP-DM4 Mesh 0.3Ohm: 32-40W

• The weight – just because feels sturdy I’m not 100% sure how it would react to drop to hard floor… Always a heart stopping moment when you see your device falls in super slow motion. Even though its IP67 its not very bouncy looking mod, not like some Nokia back in the day you use to bounce of a wall to show your mates. I don’t think I want to torture test this like that🤣.
• The lanyard holder hoop thing just seems rather pointless… But not a major flaw.
• Think the buttons & usb-c cover should be same colour as switch… But I’m really pushing for issues🤣
• Not suitable for TPP - DM3 coils in my opinion the mod is tops of 100w so be rather pointless to 80-100 coil installed,
• TPP-DM1 0.15ohm Coil – 60w – 80w(I wouldn’t recommend in 18650 or 21700)
Last 2 points are just my based on my opinion from battery life.

thing i nearly forgot to mention i am not sure if pro or con, could be bit of both
there’s a little bit of recess on the 510 port of the which is probably really good especially if you are unfortunate enough to have a bit of a leaking issue (which i havent had with MAAT tank) however another thing that I kind of see is a bit of a gap between the mod & the tank itself

General thought :
The most important thing from this is this device as a key functions really really well, the flavour from the coils haven’t died too soon as I thought they might I’m afraid as pretty good, the device is comfortable to hold even though it is a little on the heavy side,
The mod pretty simple to navigate it won’t take someone very long to work it out. Its compatible with some of the wider tanks/drippers on the market having 28mm on top & not look stupid really good thing
To put bluntly I really quite like it…

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little Rundown of the Voopoo ARGUS XT KIT
i Apoligise if i laid it out a bit crappy i need a bit of practice here :rofl:

As i start seeing these available I’ll post a link to which ever store has them available via Mutual Share Monday on facebook,
or perhaps if you have your own store and are getting these in stock maybe you may consider posting letting others know what you have. All are welcome to post whether a store or customer that just wants to share a deal