Voopoo Argus Pro 2 Review


Hot on the heels of the Drag X2 and S2 is the Argus Pro 2, the latest Voopoo product to use the new PnP X coils.

Product overview

The Argus 2 Pro is an 80w, 3000mAh pod device with 5ml pods compatible with PnP X coils.

What do you get?

  • Argus Pro 2 device
  • 1×0.15ohm PnP X coil
  • 1×0.3ohm PnP X coil
  • type-C USB cable

First impressions

Compared to recent Drag devices, the Argus Pro 2 has a far more rounded and smooth design, it has plastic buttons instead of the metal buttons on the Drag, the USB port has a rubber cover and there is an extra switch that Voopoo has been including on some of their recent devices such as the Drag 4.


  • Five clicks – on/off
  • up+down – enter settings

In the settings menu you can choose between smart mode, RBA and turbo – turbo gives you a one second boost in power, designed to increase vapor production, this is in place of the ECO mode on the Drag models.

The switch below the screen locks the entire device, unlike the switch on the Drag 4 which is programmable.


The 5ml pod is identical to that in the Drag X2 and S2, with adjustable top-airflow and a fixed drip-tip.

I’d really like to see a version that allows you to swap out the drip-tip, but the built in drip-tip is comfortable, so it’s not a major issue.

How does it perform?

this will mainly be a copy/paste from my X2/S2 review as the coils/pod are identical.

  • PnP X 0.3ohm - this coil is rated for 32-40w and performs well with airflow closed about 50%, while the flavor is good, this is the one supplied coil that made me miss not being able to change drip-tip. There is an MTL pod (available in some markets) and I have the feeling this coil might suit that pod very well.
  • PnP X 0.15ohm The flavor and vapor production are something you’d expect from a stock-coil tank with huge coils, not comparatively small PnP X coils. There’s no need to push them hard, run the 0.15 at 65-70w and it performs really well.

The more I use these new PnP X coils, the more impressed I am. They give excellent flavor and seem to last forever.

  • Turbo mode - I found it hard to tell the difference between Turbo and Smart modes, there might be a slight increase in vapor production in Turbo mode, but it’s not something that stands out for me. Either way, I tended to use it in Smart mode most of the time and was very satisfied with the performance that gave me.


This was often the issue with the original PnP coils, they gave great flavor but you always knew that at some point you would probably be cleaning juice from your mod.

I recently took a two week foreign trip and left my Drag S2 on my desk at home (in a hot tropical country), with the pod filled to the top. I fully expected to come back to a puddle of juice, or at least something to clean inside the mod – but not a drop, not even a hint of moisture.


The pod has adjustable top-airflow, which sounds great until you realize that the pod rotates in the mod, so you need two hands to adjust the airflow; one hand to hold the pod in place, the other to adjust the airflow.


Considering that the Argus Pro 2 has a 3000mAh battery, I was expecting the battery life to be a little longer. Most of the time, I was vaping at around 70w, so that might have had something to do with it.


Do I recommend the Argus 2 Pro? Yes, very much. Since I got the Drag X2/S2 and Argus Pro 2, I’ve barely touched my RTAs, because these new coils are excellent. Great flavor, great lifespan and leak-free.

Is the Argus Pro 2 better than the equivalent Drag variants? It comes down to which coils you want to use and if you want an internal battery or 18650.

You want to vape at 40-60w with the 0.3ohm coil? Then the Drag S2 is your best bet, because it’s the smallest.

You want to vape at 60-80w with the 0.15ohm coil? Then you get to choose between using an 18650 with the Drag X2, or using the internal battery of the Argus Pro 2.


The Argus Pro 2 was provided by Voopoo for the purposes of this review