Voopoo Argus P2 Review


While the Argus P1 was very cute, it was slightly lacking in features, Voopoo is attempting to address that issue with the new Argus P2.

Product overview

The Voopoo Argus P2 is a 1100mAh, 30w zinc alloy+PC pod system with adjustable airflow, adjustable power and OLED screen, that uses Voopoo’s new top-fill (really?) pods.

What do you get?

  • Argus P2 device
  • 1×0.4ohm pod
  • 1×0.7ohm pod
  • type-C USB cable
  • lanyard

First impressions

The Argus P2 follows the steampunkesque design language of the P1, with the same gold details and clear section revealing the chipset.

The main aesthetic differences are;

  • The P2 is noticeably bigger.
  • In place of the lanyard hook is a big gold button.
  • Instead of seeing the chipset through the front of the device, there is a screen and a series of lights.
  • The USB charge port is now located on the bottom of the device, rather than the side.

Chipset functions

Firstly, the button on the top of the device isn’t a fire button – the P2 is autodraw only, this button is used solely for settings, which are;

  • five clicks (while off) – power on
  • long hold – cycle through two different LED modes and LED off mode
  • three clicks – cycle through power modes in shift mode, power adjustment in power mode
  • five clicks (while on) enter settings menu

From the settings mode you can turn the device off, reset puff counter, switch between shift mode and power mode and power off the device.

Shift mode allows you to choose from three fixed power modes, SPT, NOR and ECO – these are pretty much high/medium/low power modes.

It’s nice to have functions, but with a single-button device, especially one with a small screen, this all gets a little complicated, however most of the functions are the sort of thing you’re going to set once and leave alone.


Below the screen are a series of five LED bars that can be configured to white mode, multi-colored or off. I’m not a huge fan of vapes that light up, so I just turned them off.


The new top-fill pod isn’t really top-fill, it’s side-fill. This doesn’t really detract from its usability, because it still allows you to fill the pod without removing it from the device.

Note: the P2 comes with 2ml pods, however there are 3ml pods that come with the Argus G2 (that review is coming very soon) that are compatible.


Like the P1, the P2 has an airflow control slider, however it is a nice improvement over the P1. Slide it down and you reveal a series of three airflow holes, slide it up and you reveal a single smaller hole which is suitable for MTL.

How does it perform?

  • 0.4ohm pod - this pod does perform surprisingly well with the airflow on the single MTL hole, but it’s at its best with the airflow open. The flavor is crisp and accurate and vapor production is acceptable.
  • 0.7ohm pod - as with the previous 0.7ohm pods from Voopoo, this is very good. It works well with the single tiny airflow hole or one-to-two of the larger holes open. Within the scope of MTL pod systems, this is a really good coil, that works well with pastries and fruits.


The P2 isn’t perfect, the menu is slightly hard to use but it does offer a lot of improvements over the P1; a larger battery, better airflow adjustment, proper adjustable power, and a screen.

If you liked the P1 and you don’t mind a slightly larger device, this is a no-brainer.


The Argus P2 was provided by Voopoo for the purposes of this review.