Voopoo Argus P1 review. (AKA - the cutest pod I've ever seen)


I am going to try very hard to focus on how well the Argus P1 vapes, not just the fact that it’s very cute. If the performance matches the looks, then Voopoo is onto a winner.

Product overview

The Argus P1 is an 800mAh zinc alloy+PC pod system, with 2ml side-fill pods, adjustable airflow, quick charge and something a little strange when it comes to power adjustment.

What do you get?

The Argus P1 pod system, 1×0.7ohm pod, 1×1.2ohm pod, type-C USB cable, lanyard.

Two pods, thank you.

Note: There are two versions of the Argus P1 – mine came with two pods with fixed coils, however another version has one pod and two removable coils.

First impressions

The Argus P1 looks gorgeous. I can’t really do justice to the looks with my unimaginative vocabulary, so please just look at the pictures. It’s a regular square pod system, however the two-thirds of the body that take the pod and contain the battery is zinc alloy and the remaining third with the chipset is clear plastic.

One the side of the P1 is an airflow control slider and under that the USB charge port, on the top of the clear plastic section is a gold loop for the lanyard to attach to.

The materials and build feel good, with the zinc allow body giving a feeling of solidity, however the magnet fit pod has a tiny amount of movement.


As an autodraw only pod, there shouldn’t be much to say in this section. However, the chipset automatically adjusts the wattage based on the pressure of your inhale, and displays the power used with a group of four LEDs hidden in the plastic section of the P1.

I can’t honestly say I noticed any difference in the power output, but when I hit it hard all four lights lit up, and when my draw was weaker, only two or three would light up.

Maybe it’s doing something, but I’d rather just have regular adjustable power.


The airflow adjustment is surprisingly effective, the entire range is MTL - going from a semi-loose MTL draw when fully open, to a reasonably tight MTL draw when completely closed.


Voopoo claim 18 minutes for a full charge, while I never time how long anything takes to charge, it was certainly quick. This will of course be very dependent on what type of charger you are using.


The 2ml pod secures with a pair of magnets, while there is very slight movement it seems to fit securely enough to stay in place.

The pod is side-fill, not top-fill which has good and bad points: top-fill is more convenient, however side-fill allows for a much more nicely shaped mouth piece.

As previously stated, there is a version that allows you to remove the coils from the pod, but that isn’t my version, so I can’t comment on it.

How does it perform?

  • 1.2ohm pod - this coil responds well to having the airflow from 50-100% closed. It’s very much what you’d expect from a higher resistance pod coil, the flavor is clear, the draw is smooth and the throat hit is good.
  • 0.7ohm pod - while the 1.2ohm pod was good, the 0.7ohm takes it to another level. I had the airflow from 75%-100% open and the flavor is great – with a vanila and banana juice, it picks up both flavors very well, with regular strawberry RY4, it picks up the strawberry so clearly. Definitely one of the better small pod coils that I’ve used.

The only issue I had with the performance of both coils, was that as the pod reached about 20% full, the flavor started to drop – of course refilling the pod solved this issue.


There really is a lot to like about the Argus P1, great aesthetics, quick charge, nice coils, good airflow adjustment and a comfortable mouth piece.


The Argus P1 was sent to me by Voopoo for the purposes of this review.


Thanks @I_aint_Joe :+1: This thing does have a cool look to it!


While not my type of format/device, thanks for reviewing it @I_aint_Joe.