Voopoo Argus MT Kit Review


The version of the Argus MT that I was sent is a version specific to a World Cup promotion, however I’d much rather treat this as a review of the regular Argus MT, as that’s probably far more relevant to the majority of people reading this.

Product overview

The Argus MT Kit is comprised of the Argus MT, an IP68 certified, internal 3000mAh, 100w mod and the 26mm, 6.5ml MAAT tank that uses coils from Voopoo’s TPP range.

What do you get?

  • Argus MT mod
  • MAAT tank
  • 1×0.2ohm TPP DM2 coil
  • 1×0.3ohm TPP DM4 coil
  • extra 6.5ml bubble glass
  • spare O-rings, etc
  • type-C USB cable

Getting something in a cute box doesn’t usually matter, however the Argus MT comes in a somewhat attractive metal case, which is a nice touch and might actually be useful.

The only other thing worth noticing is that if you like straight glass, you’re out of luck. The MAAT comes fitted with bubble glass and the spare is also bubble glass.

First impressions

  • Mod

The Argus MT feels and looks really nice, but with a couple of minor cons. The aesthetics are gorgeous – if I was buying one, I wouldn’t have gone with the Bundesflagge color scheme, but there are many other color options available.

The attention to detail is good, the base of the mod is rubber which makes it more grippy and less prone to scratches, the USB charge port has a metal dust cover (more on that later), there’s a physical switch to lock the device and there’s space to loop a lanyard through, if that’s your thing.

What I found the most impressive is the feeling of solidity from the MT. It’s not overly huge, heavy or unwieldy, neither is it covered it rubber – but it has a really solid feel to it.

But on to the cons:

The aforementioned metal cover for the USB port has a slight rattle to it. It’s only noticeable if you’re actively shaking the mod and trying to make it rattle – but it’s there.

The switch to lock the device isn’t particularly smooth. It doesn’t have the tactility of the switch on the Drag 4.

  • Tank

The MAAT tank is a pretty straight forward stock-coil tank. Coils push in from the bottom, quarter-turn to remove the top cap and refill through the rubber gasket. The airflow control is a little strange, instead of having a conventional airflow control ring, there is a tab which adjusts the airflow. It’s no better or worse than a usual airflow control ring – it’s just different.

The only issue I had with the tank is the drip-tip. Firstly, it doesn’t use regular 810 drip-tips, it uses 810s with O-rings. This is made more annoying by the fact that my nice gunmetal mod and gunmetal tank comes with a black and silver drip-tip, on the black or silver versions of the kit, this would have looked just fine – on my gunmetal version, it didn’t.

Operating the mod

The mod is turned on/off with the usual five clicks, and the menu is accessed by holding plus/minus.

From the menu you can change between smart mode, RBA mode (wattage), Turbo and Temp Control. You also have access to a basic settings menu that allows you to reset the puff counter, brightness and screen shutoff time.

The screen is tall and clear, displaying wattage, mode, puff counter, resistance, voltage and puff time.

The switch below the screen locks all buttons on the device, unlike the programmable switch on the Drag 4 which I really like a lot, there are no options here.

As with the Drag 4, the chipset isn’t the most detailed – but it’s very simple to use and includes enough the functions to keep most people satisfied.

Tank performance

Having just tested the Drag 4 with the 0.2ohm PnP-TW20 coil and having it sat on my desk, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to compare that coil/tank with the MAAT tank fitted with the 0.2ohm TPP-DM2.

Although the amount of restriction is similar, the TPP coil has better flavor and vapor production than the PnP coil. This might be due to the differences in the coils, or it might just be because the MAAT tank is bottom airflow. While I enjoyed the U-Force tank that came with the Drag 4, the MAAT tank is my clear favorite.

Casting my mind back to the last time I reviewed TPP coils, I was a little worried about leakage especially as this tank is bottom airflow. However, I’ve been using the tank for a week now and it’s bone dry. Is this something to do with Voopoo’s ‘Crater Leakage Proof structure’? I have no idea.


A 3000mAh battery is never going to be as quick to charge as a 600mAh pod system, but when paired with a decent charger the Argus MT is quick to charge. One minor but welcome detail are the animated graphics when charging – there’s no practical benefit, but it looks cool.

Of course having 3000mAh has a lot of benefits. It never felt under powered, and I’m really looking forward to pairing it with an MTL RTA once these coils are done and enjoying the long battery life.

One negative point is that it doesn’t support pass-through charging, this isn’t an issue for me, but it seems like a strange feature to omit.

Argus MT vs Argus XT

Usually, I’d automatically recommend the external battery mod every time, but I’m in two minds about this one.

As a first mod, having the internal battery version removes the need to buy batteries and a charger.

As an extra mod, it’s nice to have something you can charge via USB without worrying about “I should always use a battery charger, not USB”.

However, I’d probably still go for the external battery version if it was my money – I have batteries and chargers already and I have a mini battery charger on my desk.


While the tank is okay, the star of the show is the Argus MT mod – it doesn’t do anything special, but Voopoo have got their ergonomics and aesthetics absolutely on point with this mod – it feels and looks so nice.


The Argus MT was provided by Voopoo for the purposes of this review


That’s a nice looking mod @I_aint_Joe, thanks for writing it up.


Well written review, @I_aint_Joe ! Photo’s of the screen(lit up), and the metal case, etc. would have been the icing on the cake. :slightly_smiling_face:
It looks like a 30mm tank might fit w/o overhang? Can you confirm? Thanks :+1:


there’s a slight overhang with a 30mm RTA, but a 28mm RTA is perfect on there.