Voopoo Argus G2 Review - the best pod system that I've reviewed to date


Released at the same time as the Argus P2 is the Argus G2 – while the specs are not identical, they do share many features.

Product overview

The Argus G2 is a 1000mAh, 30w zinc alloy+PC pod system with adjustable airflow, adjustable power and OLED screen, that uses Voopoo’s new top-fill pods.

What do you get?

  • Argus P2 device
  • 1×0.4ohm pod
  • 1×0.7ohm pod
  • type-C USB cable
  • lanyard

First impressions

While the G2’s design has a more conventional form factor than that of the P2, what strikes you the most is how it feels; its alloy body feels so solid and well made – if Apple made a pod system, I’d expect it to feel like this.

One welcome difference from the P2 is the rubber pad on the bottom of the device, it’s a tiny detail but it makes it more stable and less likely to get scratched.

Chipset functions

  • five clicks (while off) – power on
  • five clicks (while on) – enter settings menu
  • two clicks – power adjustment
  • three clicks – enter the mode menu, to switch between smart, super and eco modes

From the settings menu you can lock the fire button, reset the puff counter and power off the device.

Unlike the autodraw only P2, the G2 is fire button and autodraw activated.


The G2 comes with 3ml pods (unless you’re affected by TPD regulations), rather than the 2ml pods of the P2; however apart from the increase in capacity, the G2 and P2 pods are identical and compatible with each other (and with some older Argus pod devices).

As mentioned in the P2 review, despite being called ‘top-fill’ the pods are side-fill which still allows you to refill the pod without removing it from the device.


The G2 has the same airflow control system as the P2; this is a good thing because it’s one of the best airflow systems that I’ve used on a small pod device, going from one tiny hole to a series of three larger holes.


While the Argus P2 has a small monochrome screen, the G2 has a much larger and impressive color screen; this screen and GUI is nicer than I’ve seen on a lot of full-sized mods.

This is particularly useful, as the menu was a little hard to navigate on the P2, but much easier on the G2.

Light show

As default there are two pulsing colored bars on the side of the screen when vaping and depending on which mode you are using, one of three animations (a UFO, flames and balls going into a tube).

You can switch the pulsing bars off, but not the animations.

I have mixed feelings about this, I don’t really like flashy stuff on my vapes, and I would prefer if you could turn everything off, but there’s no denying it’s done very well.

How does it perform?

The actual vaping performance is identical on the P2 and G2, therefore the following is a copy/paste from the P2 review.

  • 0.4ohm pod - this pod does perform surprisingly well with the airflow on the single MTL hole, but it’s at its best with the airflow open. The flavor is crisp and accurate and vapor production is acceptable.
  • 0.7ohm pod - as with the previous 0.7ohm pods from Voopoo, this is very good. It works well with the single tiny airflow hole or one-to-two of the larger holes open. Within the scope of MTL pod systems, this is a really good coil that works well with pastries and fruits.

Battery - this is where you pay the price for a large color screen with an animated GUI, the battery drain is slightly higher than you’d experience from a more barebones device.

The 1000mAh battery does charge support quick charging and surprisingly for a Voopoo device it supports pass-thru charging.


The only complaint I can make, is that I’d like to turn off the animations or have a total stealth mode, partly for personal aesthetic preferences and partly to increase battery life.

This doesn’t matter, the Argus G2 is quite possibly the best small form factor pod system that I’ve used. It’s not perfect but the combination of solid build quality, excellent airflow control, flavorful pods and high quality screen make are enough to make me fall in love with it.


The Argus G2 was sent for the purposes of this review by Voopoo.


Thanks @I_aint_Joe.