Vision RBA - Umbrella Mods

Top to bottom airflow gravity fed Boro RBA. Zero leaking or condensation, a gamechanger for the Billet Box and BB style devices!!!



Not a full review but just my initial thoughts after using The Vision for a short period of time!


Well, what can I say! Couldn’t build it straight out the box as I just didn’t have a screwdriver small enough which has to go down as a con, if the post screws are going to be microscopic then an appropriate screwdriver should have been included!

The only other small thing is I can hear the airflow (more so when using in RDL mode) but a petty thing really as I was just aware of it rather than it being particularly loud and it certainly wasn’t turbulent!

The vape is smooth with top notch flavour! The choice of inserts allows for too tight in my opinion so MTL is fully covered right up to not a manufactured but true RDL!

The build once acquiring a small enough screwdriver is as simple as it gets and wicking couldn’t be easier, with this gravity fed design it’s also very economical on your cotton!

The build quality on show is excellent and innovation makes this a gamechanger when it comes to bridge/boro RBA design, the top to bottom airflow works great and yes I have suffered Zero leaking or condensation

I am a big fan of the deck essentially copied from the Bishop RTA but it’s a deck that’s being copied now countless times because it’s such a great design and the gravity fed system replenishes the cotton just when needed, suffered no dry hits or flooding even after filling!

It’s a Gamechanger!!!


Very nice @Timwis.


I must add another pro and quite a big con both to do with filling! I am surprised just how much quicker and easier the filling process is with it being on the side rather than front but the boro needs removing before that process can begin and as this needs both the inner chimney and nut removing it is actually a pain!


Bloody he%% that was tight, yep I stand corrected it does open from the front (with a hell of an effort first time with mine) so pro pro, fill from side after a pit stop and front during use!