VC one year anniversary! 🎉


It’s been 1 year since we started this forum, I want to thank everyone for your support and input and for making this place what it is, this is the best vape forum

Here’s to another year :beers:

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Can’t believe your thanking us with all the work you d!
Its you that deserves the thanks
So thank you!

take a bow!


It’s been a pleasure Grubster, I remember the very conversation that occured after all the drama over at the other place…“How hard would it be to do this on our own?”…
“Already on it” you replied…and here we are :wink:
Here’s to many years to come my brother :wink:


Wow, a year already!!
What a wonderful forum it has become, and what a great bunch of people I have had the pleasure of “meeting” on here.
@Grubby deserves many kudos for the amazing work he does in providing us with this “home”.
Thanks to all for being such a friendly bunch.


I absolutely concur with everything that has been said - I would like to thank @Grubby for all the time he puts in. There are probably none here that have a clue how much time grubby puts in on this site and the calculator and probably 2 that have an inkling of the time spent.

Lid off to ya grubby you are doing an awesome job :tophat::tophat::tophat:


Kudos to you for all you do :beers: :tada:



@Grubby, and @Steampugs, seems like it was yesterday.


Thank you @Grubby, and @Steampugs and everyone else for a great forum. :beers:


You’re very welcome sir, it was all me after all, I mean Grub and Woft try to help, but you know how it is…:sunglasses::roll_eyes:


Happy anniversary VC!!! And happy anniversary to each of us who were fortunate enough to find this place! Hands down, best vape forum in existence. Absolutely amazing first year.


After only a year, you have this puppy humming along like an old veteran forum. Fair play!!! Glad to be a part of it.


Thank you to all involved in putting this together! @Grubby your hard work made this the place to be :sunglasses: @Steampugs grubbies hard work made… oh wait, you deserve credit as well brother even though your always deffering credit :+1: I know @woftam has really helped as well below the sheets…errrrr, I mean behind the scenes :grin:

Most of all thanks to all the great people here. As the Grubs once said the people make the place and he is absolutely right about that :+1:


Happy Aniversary!!!



Congratulations @Grubby!!!
And a genuine thank you for making this place for us all to enjoy.

It’s a place that holds a very special position that no other can.

Even though I know you are always thinking about how to increase the “visibility and/or numbers” (as any ‘proud papa’ would of course), please remember that quality is far more important than quantity!

I strongly believe that you’ll continue to draw in like minded, intelligent individuals. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. :wink:

The atmosphere here is excellent, and I have no doubt that it will continue to grow!

Well done sir, and thank you for all the hard work!


Wow!! Hurray for a year!





Congratulations everyone and thanks to @Grubby, @woftam and oh yeah, that @Steampugs guy . This is the only site I go to any more. Its that good. Thank you to everyone that contributes, I love all of it.


That’s amazing!! Happy to have found this place. Here’s to many more :tada:


Congrats on the 1st Anniversary! Many more years to come!