Vaporesso Swag PX80 Review by Aliraonz

Is me again with a new review. This time is the new SWAG PX80 kit, sent to me by Vaporesso. This device is a beauty and certainly a step forward in the pod market with some impressive new technology, outstanding flavour plus a stunning look. I am already in love with the SWAG PX80, but I will talk more about it soon. Is it my honour to share my personal opinions with our vaping community.

First some information taken from Vaporesso website. Picture attached.

Here is the link in case you want to know more:

SWAG PX80 » Vaporesso

Inside the Box

  • SWAG PX80 Device
  • SWAG Pod – It is a 4 ml pod
  • 1 GTX 0.2Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 GTX 0.3Ω Mesh Coil
  • Type-C USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Reminder card


The body of the Swag PX80 is made of zinc alloy. At the top of the Swag PX80 we see the pod and battery cap, when the pod is removed we can see four strong magnets and connector pins, one side it has a beautiful leather panel with “Vaporesso” brand on the top right corner, at the front we see the fire button, the up and down buttons close together and the USB C port at the bottom, the other side we see a carbon fibre panel, at the back just see the ergonomic frame and at the bottom we see some warnings plus battery vents.

The device uses one 18650 battery in the same way than previous Swag models do, with a maximum of 80W. It has a clear red positive mark inside and on the battery cap it says “Do not use batteries with broken skin”, not negative marking on it. The cap and threads are smooth and easy to screw.

The airflow control is where the pod tank goes, at the top of the device. By rotating the pod one can adjust the airflow, going from full DL to RDL and maybe a very loose MTL. It works really well, my only concern here will be that the airflow could be blocked partially or completely depending on the hand size, not a problem in my case since I have small hands which is great.

Remember I mentioned one side of the Swag PX80 has a carbon fibre panel, when you first look at it you think this is nothing out of the ordinary but it is far from it, it houses a hidden 0.69” OLED screen which can only be seen when the mod is on, when it is fired or adjusted, Vaporesso achieve this by using IML (In-Mould Labelling), it is a very well thought idea and works flawlessly and looks great.

The display on the device is bright and colourful, the pictures do not show this accurately. It shows top left battery level, top right mode, wattage, resistance, voltage, puff counter, and my favourite it shows the recommended wattage for the coil installed.

To on and off the mod press fire button five times.

To enter the menu options, you press the up and down button at the same time. The menus have the following options:

  • VW – Variable Wattage
  • VV – Variable Volts
  • Smart VW – Set the watts to suit the coil
  • Puff – Show history of the last seven days
  • Theme – Where you can change the colour of the screen (Green, Blue and Pink)
  • Default
  • Exit

To lock/unlock the device press fire button three times, the device can still fire up.

A very simple but effective display and menu with all you need for the operation of the Swag PX80.

Overall, I love the new Swag PX80, comfortable, well-constructed and one thing is for sure this device it is stunning and elegant.



The pod is made of PCTG with a 4ml capacity, the bottom of the pod is made out of metal with two kidney shape inlets to let the air in, these air slots work with the ones on the device to adjust the airflow. The metal base encases the plug in coils. Now here Vaporesso did a very innovative way to get the coils out.

To put a coil in just press until it is flat with the base of the pod, you will see the proprietary drip tip is pushed out showing a silver ring, turn the drip tip to the locked position to secure the coil in place. To remove the coil, move the drip tip to the unlock position, then push the drip tip which in turn will push the coil out enough to be removed and at the same time the juice flow will be closed. Very original. This explains why Vaporesso opted for a proprietary drip tip because this is what is use for the juice flow control.

There is it has a rubber plug at the bottom of the pod to fill. It is easy to open and hold while refilling, but there is no indication as to where to lift the plus which it almost made me pull the plug on the wrong end and I could have ended up breaking it. This could be improved.

The pod is crystal clear therefore is easy to see the liquid level.

The coils provided are:

  • GTX 0.2Ω Mesh Coil – Rated for use between 45-60W
  • GTX 0.3Ω Mesh Coil – Rated for use between 32-45W

Always remember to prime coils first, push the coil into the base, fill with juice of your choice and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Just to make sure the coil is fully saturated.

I tried first the GTX 0.2Ω mesh coil, used it at 35W, cooler vape, and flavour was good. Then I used the GTX 0.2Ω mesh coil, started at 45w and went up in 5W increments, I liked around 50-55W, slightly thicker clouds, warmer vape and still good flavour. We all know how good the GTX coils are, and these ones did not disappoint me.

There is a wide variety of available coils that can be used with this pod, all belong to the GTX series.



  • Small, excellent construction and beautiful finish. It feels good in the hand.
  • Embedded IML screen, it is just stunning and so nice that is hidden.
  • The menu is simple and easy to use.
  • Nice clicky buttons.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Fast firing.
  • A wide variety of coils available.
  • Strong magnets.
  • Pod is easy to fill.
  • Juice flow control - Able to replace the coils with juice in the pod.
  • Quad leakage protection.


  • Can’t change the drip tip, but I can understand why we can change it.
  • Fill port it doesn’t have any indication where to pull the rubber plug, I almost pull the wrong side which would have resulted in pulling the whole plug out. Not ideal.


  • Being able to change the drip tip.
  • Marking of the fill port rubber plus to indicate where to lift it.
  • It will be great Vaporesso will come out with a 510 adapter.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the new Swag PX80. It is a beautiful device, well-constructed, innovative in many ways (airflow, leakage protection, embedded screen etc) and has a variety of coils available. Did I mention stunning?

I want to thank Jasmine from Vaporesso for providing this device for this review.


Great detailed review @Aliraonz.


I like that screen, hopefully it will carry through to some other mods…

I remember when pods used to be small, under-powered, MTL only devices. Seems now days they cater more for the DL crowd. Shades of the Tank based vape world when I began my journey.

Excellent review as usual @Aliraonz :smile:


I could easily see this one going on my wish list…from design and function, to the(easy on the eye) color options. The tech. is advancing in leaps and bounds with these devices! Nicely done @Aliraonz Thanks!


Thank you all for your feedback. It’s a pretty mod. I also wish they will also make as a mod with a 510 connector