Vaporesso Gen PT80S Review


This is the first pod mod that I’ve reviewed in what seems like a long time. Time to see how much they have changed in the two years or so since the days of the Drag X.

Product overview

The Vaporesso Gen PT80S is single 18650, 80w, C-frame battery door pod mod, with 4.5ml juice capacity that is compatible with Vaporesso’s range of GTX coils.

What do you get?

  • Gen PT80S pod mod
  • Xtank 4.5ml pod
  • 1×0.3ohm GTX coil
  • 1×0.15ohm GTX coil
  • type-C USB cable

First impressions

It’s light – it’s one of those wonderful mods that feel the same weight with a battery inside, as other mods feel without a battery.

C-frame battery doors are awesome – they are the most convenient style and you know they aren’t going to fail.

I usually try to judge build quality by how something feels, however with this review I managed to smash the PT80S off my table directly onto my dumbbells, and not only was it still functioning, but there wasn’t a single mark on it. So yeah, you might get away with not breaking it the first time you drop it.


The pod is very tank-like and has a couple of clever features. First clever feature is the top airflow, rotating the top of the pod opens and closes two pairs of airflow slots that channel air through a pair of channels to the bottom of the pod. Second clever feature is also accessed rotating the top of the pod past the fully closed position which reveals a rubber tab so you can fill the juice without removing the pod.

The pod secures magnetically, but you have to be a little careful – it will drop into place very easily and at that point it will read the resistance – however, it’s not fully in place, you need to rotate it a little for it to notch into place.

There is one disappointment with the pod, it would have been so easy to have made it with a removable 810 drip-tip, however Vaporesso decided to go with a fixed drip-tip instead. To me, this was a missed opportunity.


Five clicks – on/off, fire and up -screen rotate, fire and down – puff counter reset, up and down – setup menu.

From the menu you have five options, wattage mode, voltage mode, smart mode, reset to defaults and exit.

The UI is very easy to navigate and for me it has the perfect balances of features and simplicity for a pod mod.

The screen is black/white and large enough to be clear, it displays mode, wattage (or voltage), puff count, puff duration, resistance and battery level.

How does it perform?

  • 0.3ohm GTX coil – rated 32-45w - after priming the coil, I started it at 30w no flavor, 35w minimal flavor, 40w a little more flavor, 45w finally this what I’d call acceptable flavor, but still nothing special, especially as this is the maximum recommended for the coil. I don’t usually go over the recommended limits for coils, but I really did want to find some decent flavor, so I put it to 50w and that’s where the flavor is – the final 5w sparked this coil into life. Anything from 47.5 to 55w is a really nice vape.
  • 0.15ohm GTX coil – rated 60-75w - this was pretty much the same story as with the previous coil, but maybe 5w lower. I got some really nice flavor at 75w, there was a little more flavor at 80w, but it’s an 80w mod with a single 18650, so that doesn’t really seem practical. The flavor from this coil was similar to that of the 0.3ohm coil, but the vapor was noticeably thicker and more condensed.

I’m not quite sure about these coils, while I don’t like pushing coils beyond their recommend wattage, once you do push them you get a nice vape with decent flavor.

Maybe Vaporesso are just very conservative with their coil ratings to increase coil longevity, I’m really have no idea. What I do know is that I’ve put a lot of juice through these coils (especially the 0.3ohm coil) at and beyond their recommended limits, they are both wicking well and aren’t showing signs of losing flavor.

Of course, there’s no leaking through the airflow slots because it’s top airflow, but in addition to this, there hasn’t been any moisture at the bottom of the coil.


I’m in two minds about this one, the mod is really nice – lightweight, all the features I want and well made. The coils can perform well and don’t seem to suffer from being pushed hard, but that shouldn’t be necessary, coils should perform at the wattage stated by the manufacturer.


The Vaporesso PT80S was sent to me by Healthcabin for the purposes of this review.